Rio Dulce

Published: February 4th 2015
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We left Lanquin and headed for Rio Dulce, I think it was the worst road we have travelled on all year. We travelled for six hours in total, and more than five hours on an unsealed, bumpy road, but at least we didn't have any roadblocks.

Our driver called ahead to hold the local boat heading to Livingston, the boat was due to leave at two, we arrived about quarter past two but didn't finally leave until just before three. We were staying at the Round House on the river about an hour from Rio Dulce and twenty minutes from Livingston.

Each night they have a family style dinner, on our first night we were unable to sit around the table as there was an invasion of army ants. We watched all the bugs and insects running for their lives, some were not so lucky and the ants swarmed around them and ate them alive. A scorpion committed suicide as it was unable to get away from the ants and it obviously decided that was a better option than being eaten alive. We found a lucky Spicer hiding on one of the table chairs, the ants didn't find him and he survived to spin another web.

I woke up the next day not feeling 100% so I spent the day sleeping, reading and relaxing. Gary went to Livingston to try and get some more cash but was unsuccessful as the ATM didn't like HSBC cards.

After dinner Gary joined a poker game and somehow managed to win, which was lucky given the ATM issues we were having so he could afford to have a few more beers.

We hired a double kayak and paddled up to the hot spring which was an area on the side of the river and from here we continued up to the area where the river opened up to a lake type setting. As I was happy to float and Gary was in a hurry to get back so he could go swimming he ended up paddling us the whole way back while I just enjoyed the ride and views.

We spent the afternoon reading and relaxing. I was mainly in the hammocks on the dock overlooking the river and watching the various boats go by.

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