Rio Dulce

Published: May 1st 2014
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Our Arrival

Our boat from Livingston arrived at 11am. From the dock walk up the path under the bridge to reach the main road of the town.

Where We Stayed

Hospedaje Marilu - Q100 for a double room with private bathroom. Located just off the main road at the start of the bridge on the right hand side as you are facing the bridge. Wasn't a pretty room, the toilet had no seat and had to be flushed with a bucket and the fan wasn't very good. We stayed there as all the waterside hotels were really expensive.

Where We Ate

Along the side of the main road there are plenty of places/stalls to eat. We had some nice tacos.

There is a supermarket on the right of the main street as you are walking away from the bridge opposite Banco Industrial.

There was a bar at the hotel that sold Ice for Q6.

Opinions on Rio Dulce

I was expecting a nice quiet riverside town but it is a busy highway town instead. The main highway runs through the middle of town and over the bridge. This means there is a lot of traffic and big trucks on the road. As stalls line the road infront of the shops you have to walk along the road and try and avoid being run over by tuk tuks and trucks. The town was also really hot although there was a nice breeze whilst walking over the bridge. Beer is expensive in the riverside bars.

Where We Went Next

We caught the Fuente del Norte bus to Flores. The office is near the start of the bridge on the right hand side as you face the town. It is opposite the Litegua bus office which runs buses to Honduras. The express bus to Flores leaves at 3pm only so we caught one of the normal buses which run a few times a day. Buy a ticket from the office that morning and wait there for the bus. It was due at 9:30am and cost Q65. When it arrived at 9:50am it was really full however people travelling to Flores had priority for seats and others had to stand. It left at 9:55am. At 12pm we stopped and got off the bus whilst it was searched for quarantine purposes (no fruits allowed). The bus arrived in Santa Elena at 2:05pm.


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