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The thirteenth of August was a relaxed day in Antigua. We had a marvelous condo to use, and were able to catch up on writing and planning. We visited the Museum of Santa Domingo which is an effective public-private partnership of a significant ruin and modern boutique hotel. The Capuchinos is an old partially reconstructed convent with quaint little retreat rooms radiating out from a central courtyard. The main cathedral of Antigua, La Merced, was a spectacular example of Central American baroque in yellow and white. We headed out to the Casa de Ron for drinks and a light meal. Enjoyed gain the wonders of Zacapa: the local rum. Slow walking around town. Quite cold with persistent drizzle. Left Antigua the next day at about 0800. Went to the Mayan Music Museum and the Coffee Museum ... read more
Chicken bus tout
La Merced, Antigua
Illuminated city hall

Quirigua is this little town. Which has ruins. Quite spectacular ruins. It also had a most spectacular tropical storm, after we had seen the ruins. It was amazing. We also got to see an ancient Bond movie whilst the storm was going on. No one in Quirigua speaks English. Or, if they do, we didn´t meet them. What we did have was the ruins all to ourselves. Except for the men looking after the trees. There are some amazing steles but, honestly, not a great deal else has been excavated. Again, I can´t upload images directly from my phone so we will have to show you those elsewhere. Being uploaded to my photobucket Next day we headed up to the main road where we got a minibus to Puerto Barrios.... read more
Stele and Altar

un autre haut lieu de l'histoire, mais très différent de Tikal, avec ses immenses monolithes plantés en terre... guatemala 2002... read more
rio Motagua
quirigua view

Tim Version: * Double bussed my way to Quirigua, found one of the two hotels, settled in. * Visited it's ruins and crazy big banana plantations and saw my first "banana crossing"! The version with "bananas in pyjamas" stuck in its head: The way to get to Quirigua is through 2 buses changing at an intersection that seems to serve that sole purpose. A helpful spot, the workers there seem to know every bus route to anywhere and are incredibly helpful! The bus helper I asked in Chiquimula about Quirigua came from there so was perfect for information and told me its only a very small spot, perfect for what I wanted after Chiquimula. Arriving at a footbridge on the main road, I wandered my way through its couple of winding streets to where my hotel ... read more
Bananas as far as the eye can see
Multiple Stelae
Huge stelae 1

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