Crazy, Crazy Travels...

Published: June 2nd 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hey all, things have been pretty hectic these last few days. I left Utila two days ago at 7am in the morning. I got in two more night dives before I left, which were so awesome. Diving at night is incredible, a completely different world from the day time. There was bioluminesence everywhere, we saw a big octopus, and then you surface and it´s all starry. We all shut our torches off on the bottom, and there is so much to see out in the darkness, and it really is pitch black. I was a little scared at first, but it was so peaceful and beautiful. I also forgot to mention last time that on my other dives I saw turtles, dolphins, huge lobsters, reef squid, really big fish, really small fish and everything in between. I was really sad after my last dive because I want more!!

Anyways, I stayed out really late on my last night in Utila. I got home at about 4am and had to catch the boat at 6:30am. Well I woke up at 6:30am, so needless to say I missed the ferry, but I stuffed my bag and ran for it anyways. I found out there was a guy going over to La Ceiba at 7am in a little skiff. So I managed to find him and catch a ride, but I forgot my passport at Alton´s so we had to drive across the bay and pick that up first. It was so funny pulling into the dock at Alton´s in this little boat, and running up to my room to grab my passport from under my mattress. Woops, good thing I remembered.

It was a little rough coming across to the mainland, but it was fun. Then I caught a bus to San Pedro Sula, three hours later we arrived and I really needed to find a bank because I had about 1 dollar left. The taxi driver drove me around to three banks before I found one that would work and I got some money. Then I had to catch another bus to Puerto Cortes. Another few hours on the bus and I finally arrived in Puerto Cortes, where I had to get another bus to Corinto so I could cross the border into Guatemala. The bus ride from Puerto Cortes to Corinto was probably the bumpiest, loudest, hottest, slowest, most crowded ride ever and when we finally got up to the border, it was closed. There weren´t really many people around and I was literally in the middle of nowhere, but some guy helped me out and I got a ride in a pickup into Corinto to find a room. This little town was so tiny, I was definately one of the few traveller´s that ever go there, if any have even been there. I got a little room at someone´s house, there were pigs and chickens wondering around, a hole in the ground for a toilet, and a bucket of water for a shower. The guy from the border took me somewhere to get some dinner, which was pretty much out of the back of a womans home. But it was good and it cost less that two dollars for a huge plate of food.

This morning, my friend walked me back to the border at 7am. The crossing was easy, no problems there and I caught a mini bus to Puerto Barrios from there. Now I am finally in Puerto Barrios and I just wondered around, lucking into an ATM machine that took my card, and an English speaking Guatemalan who took me to the dock. I have my ticket for Belize now and I just have a few hours to kill before we leave. Oh these crazy travelling days, I haven´t seen any foreigners in two days, but everyone has been super helpful, telling me where to go and what to do. The man who speaks English here showed me to the migration office and where to buy a boat ticket. I thought I lost all my money and my Visa when I tried to pay for the exit tax out of Guatemala, so I ran back to the ticket office, and I still couldn´t find it. I ran back to the migration office and turns out I left it there on the desk. What am I doing with myself??

I am going to meet my friend Dean in Placencia, Belize tonight...if I ever make it. Ahh, outside the window a truck is driving by with the loudest reggaton playing, I can barely think. Oh how I love travelling! Talk to you all again soon...


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