Lava lava lava!

Published: October 27th 2007
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After leaving lake Atitlan I'd scheduled a stop in Antigua for one night in the hope of climbing a nearby volcano called Pacaya, known for it's activity, and I was most definately not dissapointed!

I don't have time to write a full blog but I'll leave a couple of photo's to give you the rough idea. Perhaps the best best marshmallow I will ever eat!

Antigua's not a bad place either. Lots of tourists but I found a great hostel with an awesome free breakfast and you're never short of a social life.

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Other volcanoes on the way upOther volcanoes on the way up
Other volcanoes on the way up

You feel like wherever you go you're under the eye of some huge volcano. No wonder people worshiped these things.
Poke it!Poke it!
Poke it!

Shove your stick 6" into the lava and it bursts into flame instantly. Trouble is you can only do this for a few seconds before the heat is too much and you have to run away!
Look out belowLook out below
Look out below

Looking down between my feet and I see molten lava! You most definitely do not feel safe - so many peoples shoes melted!

Sod the BBQ! It's all about the lava!

30th October 2007

guaty, guaty, guaty
ryan, i don't know you but i was browsing blogs because we are heading back down there. i hope you are heading for tikal. it is truly mystical. do not miss the town of flores. a fabulous little island town. sorry about your robbery in chichi but you must admit is is a a place that not many in the world will ever get to experience. thanks for bringing back some great memories. jamie
12th November 2007

thanks for the comment. The robbery. Yeah, well it was my own fault really and given that I wasn't mugged and was insured it was about as stress free as a robbery could be so I should count myself lucky really. Chichi. Well I loved inside the church there, where I sat and watched locals making personal offerings to the gods and even crying over their ceremonies, but the market itself is now (i don't know about when you went there) almost entirely aimed at tourists with 90% of the stalls selling tourist souvenirs. So, although only a small percentage of the world population see's it there's probably still millions of people a year that see it, arriving in copious bus loads from all over Guatemala. In my opinion the market itself is OK but I wouldn't count it as one of life's great experiences and would say it's perfectly missable.

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