Guatemala City

Published: August 13th 2017
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I arrived earlier than expected. Both Fabian and I had issues with our flights (he was going to Colombia). I was meant to fly via Costa Rica and El Salvador because I booked the cheapest but they cancelled my first flight which would have meant I would have missed my next two connections. So I went to complain to the lady at the airline desk and asked her to sort out my journey to Guatemala. I managed to land myself a direct flight and got there 5 hours earlier. Poor Fabian had no such luck, sadly... ended up much later in Bogotá than expected. I felt terrible because he came to Nica to spend time exploring with me and then this happened to him.

I immediately met people at my hostel, again, quite a few GERMANS. I seem to have a magnet for German speakers, I need to speak more Spanish! Lauren from Göttingen, brothers Axel and Andreas who are also half Mexican (when they speak German they are SO GERMAN in personality and when they speak Spanish they are completely crazy Mexicans!), Janek from the Czech Republic, Diana from Reunión and Paris, Cath from Quebec and Fran from Guatemala.

We went out to a bar that evening and drank far too much tequila. There were some funny Guatemalan men on the table next to us (initially I thought they were creepy but they were ok in the end). We chatted to them a bit - us girls felt safe because we had so many guys with us and Fran as well who is Guatemalan.

The hostel is great, very friendly staff and free breakfast - delicious pancakes and you can have as many helpings as you like!

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13th August 2017

We are enjoying the posts! Really pleased you are having such a lovely time! Miss you! Love Fanny & Fanny x

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