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Published: June 23rd 2008
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Hola Amig@s,

So first Ì'll tell you that here they use the sign "@", to write o and a at the same time so: Amig@s = Amigas y Amigos!
I was talking about a secret destination, well our "secret" guide did not show up!!! So we couldn't go and so we changed our plans and moved on to Coban. From there we went to Semuc Champey, wich are wounderfull pounds and waterfalls.
We had also a contact person there, that could help us to meet local Qeq·chi indigenas, but we had soooo little time we could not do much. The area seemed very nice and we want to go back.
Here in the city we have a lot of meetings with a lot of people to organize more of our trip.
Every day we learn more about this country. The past >< the present, The culture, problems around human rights and so on.
As we want to see more and more of this country we decided to extent our trip till the end of august!
We still haven't seen that much, but it's going to be VERY interesting.
Here a few pictures of Semuc Champey, we don't have much more
Douche typique...Douche typique...Douche typique...

But it's only 110V
to show at the moment.
But we'll try to post just a couple more before leaving the capital to the small villages of Huehuetenango...

Love to planet earth!

Frederic und Nadja

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Little FishLittle Fish
Little Fish

Cleaning my feet!!! It's tickeling...

6th July 2008

Silence radio
Je commence à m'inquiéter, le blog me semble silencieux depuis trop longtemps.....
8th July 2008

Hallo, Bedankt al voor de mooie foto's. Maar tgv van zware regenval in Guatemala en Mexico zijn er zoveel overstromingen. Dus dacht ik aan jullie en ik hoop dat jullie het wel stellen. Ik ben met mijn tas van Madagascar al gaan winkelen en iedereen is jaloers op mijn schone kabas, jong. Kusjes Ildegard

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