Antigua Gautemala

Published: January 15th 2019
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Puerto Quetzal is the entrance to Antigua founded in 1552, served as the seat of government in the captaincy general of Guatemala for ove 200 years before being destroyed by a series of earth quakes in 1773. Antiqua is famous for it's unique Spanish Mudejar- influenced architecture that has made it a protected UNESCO world heritage site. The Cathedral Santiago built in 1542 and the church of our lady of Mercy, whose courtyard contains the largest fountain in latin America. The parquet central has large tress shading benches where you can sit and relax or watch the vendors, many in color local dressed, selling hand made textiles. The largest monastery in Antiqua the church of Santo Diminigo founded in 1542. The city is full of colonial buildings that now serve as hotels, cafes and galleries.

As a central American Country, Guatemala offers an abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems. unique ecosystems. The country is characterized by the fusion of Spanish and indigenous influences that continue to contribute to the Mesoamerican designation as a biodiversity hotspot. Even the name Guatemala comes from the Nahuatl world meaning place of many trees and was the name Tlaxcaltecan soldiers who accompanied Alvarado during the Spanish conquest.

the land is steeped in mystery and history. From the ancient pre Columbian dates 12,000 bc, the ancient and rich Mayan culture, to the Spanish who conquered the area in search of gold, establishing the colonial era that stretched into the early 1820's and eventually resulting in Independence in the 19th century. When you leave the port of Puerto Quetzal Guatemala will literally embrace you with its beauty, history and love for people.

The Volcano still spewing every few minutes. The huge eruption last June 2018 wiping out the whole town under 30 meters of lava taking 800 lives is still under re construction.

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