Published: October 15th 2011
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I just arrived in Guatemala 2 days ago. RAiny season, that must be why it is raining. I can only laugh that I picked this destination because I wanted to go to a hot sunny place. Oh, I did read the fine prints but they said it would rain only a couple hours a day. Oh well, can;t complain. I just hope my hair will dry between now and next week.

Antigua is a really nice city and of course I am just so happy to be traveling again. It;s funny that my brain seems to compare everything with India rather than my own country! So I arrived without too much trouble to this beautiful city, where I am taking Spanish lessons for a couple of weeks before traveling a bit outside of the ANtigua area. On my first day I did almost nothing, I was just so tired from the very early flight, but yesterday I met my teacher and already had 4 hours of non stop Spanish discussion. Quite the holiday! But it;s a nice school with people from all over and we all have a private teacher. I already learned a lot about Guatemala just from talking with my teacher. There is a nice big garden in the middle of the school and it is very green. No wonder.

Then in the afternoon, I of course did my typical thing. I went to the local market. It was great, and I of course managed to get lost. I was glad I had good bargaining skills, thanks to India, and had fun shopping a bit. And found some nice tropical fruits too, some that I had never seen before. Don;t ask me the names, I forget already.

Before dinner I had a hip hop class followed by a salsa class, so no wasting time... I was by far the oldest person in the class, but it was fun nevertheless. Guatemalan guys are really friendly and good lokking but a foot too short. My roomate from Switzerland and I also went to a concert and then I went to bed.

Today is big market day so I will go back for sure. I also plan to go to the bookstores, can;t believe I already spent more than a day here and haven;t been to a bookstore. It is another very important tradition!!! But I also kept the tradition of having some stomach trouble, ah ah! Nothing serious, but a reminder that I cam traveling once more...

So life is good in Antigua so far. They say the storm will end on Monday, I am ready. Would love to see the volcanoes around here, and get a chance to hike in the surronding villages if they manage to get out of the clouds!

My family (where I am staying) is very nice, all women and babies and I can tell that pour little bit of extra income we bring is much needed.

Well, this is it for now, let;s see if I can post this blog entry as the computer and I don;t seem to agree much...

More later!!!


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