Los Manos

Published: January 26th 2018
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Hands in peppersHands in peppersHands in peppers

Market day Antigua, Guatemala
Los Manos

Green capers fall through his calloused fingers landing bouncing dancing atop thousands of the self same berries catching morning sunlight glistening precious smooth as polished dark jade and she her hands black carbon covered pack dull black charcoal into plastic bags stacking them in neat piles and over there he chops the brown husk covered yucca revealing the bright white moist flesh within his fingers encircling the knife mamita mamita medias medias una por dos their hands dive into the stew of socks some tiny some long some white some red camarones camarones libra por vente and they are beautiful translucent dried salmon colored shrimp he scoops them into the rough tray of his balancing scale that he levels above the wide straw basket his hands dusted in shrimp bits she picks the kernels from the husk her old fingers like dark crooked sticks he is trimming the the stems off a bunch of emerald green herb that he grasps in his fist so carefully shaving them and they fall gently showering the black ground walk down this aisle can you even call it an aisle everyone huiplied below you as you hover tall above them
Old hands and cornOld hands and cornOld hands and corn

Maya woman market day
sitting legs tucked under wild frizzled aprons hair braided tight the old one her face furrowed so deep scooping black beans white beans pepitas into a metal bowl to weigh them then a palm full back into the burlap to make her scale swing level media libra her palm almost pink next to the back of the other hand so coffee dark mamita ajo ajo he has the garlic braids slung over his shoulders and hanging through his fingers swinging as he walks here and there between red strawberries shouting deep voiced those endless mamitas and the radishes and the thick leeks and the delicately thin green scallions bunched with their fine threaded roots glowing impossibly white and she splashes water over the bucket of guisquil the water cascading through her young hands fingers spread wide and carmel colored and the droplets separate in the air almost in slow motion the sun setting them alight one after the next falling opalescent her mother peeling open a tamale her nails black the steam rising white the atole poured from the battered dented metal kettles steams senoras y senores his basket is filled to overflowing with tiny white dried fish none bigger
Dried shrimp early morningDried shrimp early morningDried shrimp early morning

Vendor's hand about to weigh shrimp
than an inch millions of eyes staring up into the brightening morning sky his hands dive down deep into the once schooling pile come away dusted with salt etched against his almost maroon skin his scale tray full but he adds seven more bring it to balance while behind him a forest of flowers and she chops the thick stalks with her machete her hand gripped around the taped handle and the green seeping bits scatter over her dirty sandaled and tortured feet as the sun now spills into the dark parts of this frenzied market flooding hot and bright catching blackberries in its grasp as she layers plum tomatoes into cone shaped piles that mimic the dark volcanoes surrounding us if only they were wildly red.

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Tomato volcanoTomato volcano
Tomato volcano

Maya woman carries tomatoes on market day Antigua
Squash and peppersSquash and peppers
Squash and peppers

Maya woman and her farmed goods
Man bending over cucumbersMan bending over cucumbers
Man bending over cucumbers

January market day
Purple sleeve and new potatoesPurple sleeve and new potatoes
Purple sleeve and new potatoes

Hand gathering the papas
hand and green scallionshand and green scallions
hand and green scallions

sun and shade on scallions
The color purpleThe color purple
The color purple

Maya woman grasping beets
Red on redRed on red
Red on red

Baskets of tomatoes market day Antigua
Early morning market dayEarly morning market day
Early morning market day

Sun hits the fruit and veg
Black sleeve and sun shaftBlack sleeve and sun shaft
Black sleeve and sun shaft

Sun entering inner market on market day
Bagging the cukesBagging the cukes
Bagging the cukes

Vendor and customer in Antigua market day
Radishes and folded handsRadishes and folded hands
Radishes and folded hands

Antigua, Guatemaala

Outside, market day
red, hand, greenred, hand, green
red, hand, green

Vendor's hand, central market
shine and potatoesshine and potatoes
shine and potatoes

Mobile shoe shine market day

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