The Wonder of Acatenango

Published: January 26th 2018
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Fuego speaksFuego speaksFuego speaks

Volcanic ash erupts at sunset
The Wonder of Acatenango

You are looking from within but from where who sees who is the one looking the one wondering the sun filters through leaves of mint and lettuce is that kale you ask this volcano this light against the mountains eight shades of forest green layering against one another against a pale blue sky the sundisc shooting electric rays from behind Acatenango where up there he says one night he almost froze to death but now it is pink at the mountain sides the floating clouds purpling and blueing at knife edges now you see trees tiny on those very same far distant edges branch reaching for brother branch as blue light leaks between defining them singularly you wait neither inhaling nor exhaling for Fuego to blow forth it's grey hot breath a dark billow against this ruby sky sitting at the tetering edge of reality and inhale ahhhhhh when he does and there are opal billows behind the volcanoes now as Fuego belches again it's black spume slow motion spreading it's vapor turning jewel like coal to diamond black to grey to ruby to rose back lit by sister sun but think
Fuego and AcatenangoFuego and AcatenangoFuego and Acatenango

Volcanoes looming over Antigua as seen from Cerro San Cristobal
but just think the wonder of this because without your knowledge in the throat of that cone that euclidean perfectly formed cone is boiling as red as blood congealing clotting as it cools still rising then in a moment of simply looking left the once red Saturn sky has blackened the coal sloped shoulders now as sharp as razors as Fuego throat sings it's smoke and cinder like visible notes in the sky while below street lights have magically appeared as gold pinpoints and a missile rises explodes and showers sparks down on open mouthed children who must surely also wonder.

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Christmas fireworks rain down in Antigua
Organic red leaf Organic red leaf
Organic red leaf

Sun catches leaves at the organic farm atop Cerro San Cristobal
Ridge linesRidge lines
Ridge lines

Mountains stretching to the west of Antigua

26th January 2018

Acatenango, Fuego and Las Manos
!Quel artista... !Quel poeta!.... Sus palabras y fotos son hermosos! Felicitaciones y Muchas Gracias, Dennis!

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