The Pain of the Volcano Continues

Published: January 23rd 2018
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Todays early morning wakeup wasn't so bad, I was already awake anyway so it was kind of nice not to have to try to sleep any longer. Also, we had the best wakeup ever "Morning, the sunset is about to rise, here are some altitude tablets!" A true gift from God - none of us could take them soon enough! Around the campfire were those dying so much of altitude that they'd been up all night, finding it easier to breathe in a sitting position, rather than lying.

The sunrise was very, very impressive, yet absolutely nothing on last night. breakfast was a croissant, banana and coffee but I didn't even finish the croissant, not feeling well enough. Lets just say altitude poos are a thing, as confirmed by google.

Coming down was a bitch, again my over-calculating personality wasn't a match for everyone else running down the volcano without a fear in the world or the guides skiing their way down. I had a combination of running, sliding with my butt .5cm off the ground and taking 3 minutes to decide the safest spot to put my foot, but I got there in the end. I think i actually kinda rather going up, it takes longer, but just as tiring and less hard on the knees and less fear. Especially the jungle section was a bitch, with slippery leaves under every foot. However it wasn't until Part A that I fell. Again, the way down was just Nelson, Amelie and I, we lost everyone else in the first five minutes, but thats cool. By the time I fell i was so far behind even Nelson and Amelie that I had no one to help me up, so by the time i caught up to them i was so angry that i made sure they wouldn't leave me behind again. Im slow, but I'm safe. Eventually at the bottom, we all piled into the car as the guides met their next group - yep they were going straight back up!!!! They climb Acatenango 4 times a week, but they love it and you can see when you talk to them how passionate they are about it.

The car ride home though was almost worse, I felt so bloody car sick. I knew it would be bad from yesterday (feels like a lifetime ago) but dear God. We were greeted at the hostel with a strawberry/banana smoothie which i quickly chugged down before realising that I had been sick like a week ago because of a strawberry smoothie - idiot!

Our walk back to the hostel was incredibly slow, struggling to move and of course there were no rooms left. We walked two blocks over (felt much, much further) to another hostel, checked it out, got the price and moved there.... but that meant going back and getting our bags 😞

As much as we wanted to check out the city and do things we were on struggle street. Doing laundry was put in the too hard basket, along with our stinky clothes and we just napped. all day. For lunch we headed out to Rincon Tipico, the highly recommended cheap, typical Guatemalan restaurant for tourists. It was a much harder work than it should've been and i think we exchanged a total of five words the entire lunch, that tired. Lunch was decent, I had a quarter chicken with tortilla, potatoes and a crap salad along with Chicha, the local drink. Simones vegeterian version had a bowl of beans. Not so exciting. By 7pm we agreed to go out to dinner with Jeff, Fernandos friend, at Toku Baru, which unfortunately is the other side of town, but still is the best food on the planet and we just had to have falafel one last time. Poor Jeff was pretty much fallen asleep on, though he was very understanding.


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