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Even though we had to book it south for hurricane season, we couldn’t resist stopping at Iles de Saintes on our way back down. We skipped the Saintes on our travels up the Caribbean chain this year, and just couldn’t pass by these islands without stopping again. Besides, we had to break up all that travel somehow. And who could resist this group of small islands just off of Guadeloupe. The Saintes are one of our favorite anchorages in the Caribbean. We absolutely love the quaint French fishing village on Terre-de-Haut, it is so charming! The people are friendly, the food is great (lots of fresh fish caught by the local fishermen), and the snorkeling and diving is fantastic. So we dropped anchor and spent a week having fun in Les Saintes. The one thing we ... read more
Jen Pouting
Plage de Pompierre
Beach Day

Guadeloupe I can’t believe we have only been here a week and already so much has happened After the terrible trip to Deshaies we woke up the next morning find the sea calm,. Sparkling and enticing. It was pleasant and so of course we had to go out to the 100 metre mark to put out the fishing rods. Alan’s arm is a lot better. Pigeon Island was only about an hour and a half away. Pretty little anchorage, took two attempts to make the anchor hold. Lots of eel grass, very slippery stuff. We put our gear on and did a dive. It was very clear, pretty and full of fish. There was a big spotty green moray eel who wanted to be friends, but I was not too keen on him. It was clear ... read more
pigeon island anchorage

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Year and a catastrophe at sea. We did not want to stay too long in Jolly Harbour so motored down to Falmouth, the weather was a little stormy but the sea very calm. We anchored in Falmouth and just carried on getting the boat ready for sea, a much easier job than normal. Which was just as well because for this first week Alan’s arm swelled up and was unusable. We decided the best thing was for him to totally rest it and certainly after a few days it has got a lot better. New year was a really nice meal in Trappas, a great little restaurant, and then fireworks and a live band in English Harbour, it was a great atmosphere, and the group really good. Just as we were leaving we bumped into ... read more
New years eve
fireworks on newyears eve

Zouk karaoke and dinners by the marina - Welcome to Guadeloupe. Bob Marley sounds even better down here. ... read more
Cemetary with a view
Deshaies - sleepy town
Home Sweet Home

We left St. Bart's just after sunset and had a wonderful sail to Les Saintes. And yes- we actually sailed. We were booking it around 8 knots with full sail and engine off, just the sound of the waves and the water rushing against the hull- nice! It was the first time since we left the Bahamas that the wind was off our stern not dead on the nose, so instead of bashing thru the waves we just got pushed along, surfing down them as they came in behind us. It was a calm night and we enjoyed watching the lights of St. Kitts, Nevis, and Antigua as we sailed by. We had to plot our course to pass the island of Montserrat on the windward side because the volcano there is erupting and spewing out ... read more
Bourg de Saintes

We sailed to the Saintes Islands just south of Guadeloupe. The roosters woke us up in time to walk up to Fort Napoleon. Fort Napoleon was built in 1867. The Fort has a well tended garden of labeled cactuses and succulents. ... read more
Fort Napoleon

'Up in de hills, where de streams are cool, An mullet an janga swim in de pool, I have ten acres of mountain side, An a dainty-foot donkey dat I ride, Four Gros Michel, an four Lacatan, Some coconut trees, and some hills of yam Evan Jones The plants of the Caribbean are extremely colourful, with exotic looking flowers and fruits. Some of the most common species were brought by early settlers for food, or to decorate their garden and remind them of home, so the vegetation of today is almost certainly very different to what it looked like before Christopher Columbus first sighted the West Indies in 1492. Scrumptious fruit is everywhere, in many places you can literally stop on the side of the road, run into the forest, pick some ripe bananas, papaya, ... read more
Bread made from the root of Cassava
Wash you hair with this

The bridge did not open, what else is new...See tomorrows comment...... read more

We spent the morning in Marie Galant, tried to rent a scooter for 26 Euros, office was open, waited for over an hour, nobody came...We walked the town, very small. And the dwarf. The anchoring very tight, we were 25 feet from breaker, ugly. We left around 1230, towards Pointe Pitre. We are going to anchor near the South bridge, it opens at 0430 we want to be ready to traverse the Riviere Salee. We will exit on the North side, the split between the two islands, and make a 44 mile run to Antigua. We heard on the SSB this am that Sojourn and Magic Moments were headed to Deshaies to make Antigua cross tomorrow. Hate wasting good weather. Very smooth out here today.... read more

We decided around 0930 to make a run for Marie Galant Island in Guadaloupe. It is at the SE corner. Very hard to get to, but we had perseverance!! The island is beautiful, of what we seen. Basically a pancake, no mountains. But has a lot of it, we are anchored in the lagoon Grand Bourge. This island still has oxen driven carts and 7 rum factories. It has chess patterned streets. It has a square and a RC church. Which we intend to attend in am. More tomorrow as we find out... It was a tough sail, more seas than we expected, and confused. To quote Pete, a washboard. Mostly 5 footers, short, 18 to 20 knots. The worse was leaving Dominica. We were close hauled. Only 1/3 jib out. 2 reef in main, and ... read more

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