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Thursday August 2 - There are people I know who tell me they think I am so adventurous with my travels. I disagree. It's pretty easy to travel today, and with internet and guidebooks, you're hardly being adventurous at all, no matter where you are. But today, today I felt almost my most adventurous, and in a way that these same people probably will not recognize as such. I have a rental car, which I have driven before today, but not so much. Yesterday was slightly challenging, trying to find somewhere from the map in my head, but today felt insane. The main island of Guadeloupe is actually two islands connected together, almost in the shape of a butterfly. I stay on Basse Terre, the larger of the two, and the most wild - mountainous and ... read more
The house of Chocolate
A chocolate fruit
Chocolate fruits

Friday August 3 - Today started with more clouds than usual and eventually progressed into off again, on again rain. It reminded me a little of where I stayed in Dominica, as it was cloudy in the forest most of the time. I've enjoyed my time and the weather here over the last few days, and it seemed fitting that I was leaving today, and heading to a museum to boot. Murielle helped me work out a plan to meet the car rental guy at departures at the airport, which seemed a little sketchy to me. I mean, how many times would I have to drive around before we found each other if I was not parking? I drew a map of the general way to get to the museum and then to the airport, but ... read more
Memorial ACT
Between the two buildings of Memorial ACT
Me and my loyal travel companion

Wednesday August 1 - Murielle fed me another lovely breakfast today, though I admit I'm more in the mood for something warm and savory than cold and sweet, but it was still good, and very filling. I spent the morning organizing a bit, watching a tv show and skyping with Jeroen and my mom. It's weird to be back in the world of my own room, air conditioning, being a tourist, and eating chips and chocolate. I had turned off the snacks in Dominica cold turkey, but as soon as I got here I bought - and am eating - all the snacks. I drew a simple map from google and left a bit early to get to Saint Rose to find the tour company. I did it with only one misturn, which I realized right ... read more
Breakfast with a view

Tuesday July 31 - I slept very well. Such a nice change. My bedroom borders the busy road, but it is not busy at night and did not wake me up in the morning, either. There seem to be far fewer frogs in the area where I'm staying now than anywhere else I've stayed in the Caribbean. I can hear them, but only individuals rather than as a loud chorus. Perhaps it's because I am near the sea? I had a quick skype with Jeroen and then ate breakfast around 8:45am. Murielle served me yogurt, fruits, baguette, croissant, butter, jams, tea, and cake. Quite the feast. The leftovers came out with me later in the day. She also washed and dried my dirty clothes. Such a treat. I finally got around to leaving around 11:15am and ... read more
Hungry hungry koi

Monday July 30 - It seems most people outdid themselves and stayed up quite late partying last night, with my roommates coming in between 12:30 and 5am. I didn't sleep well after 4:30am and got up by 6:45. I finished packing and then headed down to breakfast. Today we had beans, a boiled egg, fry bread and sausage (aka cut up hotdogs). I even got a piece of carrot cake that wasn't eaten last night. After breakfast I said my goodbyes to everyone, though sadly Kersel was not around at the time, and I almost cried when I said goodbye to Meagan. I spent the most time with her on a daily basis, and it was sad to say goodbye. I was happy that both she and Shelly got up to say goodbye before I left. ... read more
View from my breakfast table
Deshaies Bay
Yummy coconut ice pop

Central America Caribbean » Guadeloupe December 18th 2017

Guadeloupe comprises a collection of nine separate inhabited islands plus a myriad of smaller uninhabited ones, situated at the southern end of the Leeward Islands chain, north of Dominica and south of Antigua. The two largest islands, which somewhat resemble a butterfly in shape and are just separated by a river, are Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, while the Iles des Saintes are a collection of smaller islands further south. The country has a population of almost 500,000 and exhibits a blend of French and African influences, which go right to the heart of the Caribbean's Creole culture. As well known for its sugar and rum as for its beaches and resorts, the archipelago comprises a full mix of modern cities, rural hamlets, rainforests and secluded beaches. We had two separate visits to Guadeloupe - an unscheduled visit ... read more
Notre Dame de l'Assomption church
The beach at Cabrit - at least the water is clear!
"Some souvenirs for you, sir?"

Central America Caribbean » Guadeloupe February 9th 2017

Geo: 16.2594, -61.5511Rob has a great camera, and took SOOO many pictures of his time onboard Inspiration. It's always a bonus to get pictures of Tony and I together! Thanks for letting me steal these, Rob! ... read more
Dinghy dock, Les Saintes
Picture of US!! Major bonus!
Cemeteries in the islands are always fascinating.

Central America Caribbean » Guadeloupe February 5th 2017

Geo: 45.5663, 1.29066After leaving Les Saintes with Rob on board, we stopped twice along the coast of Guadeloupe. Once at Pigeon Island, and then again in Deshaies. We left Deshaies, Guadeloupe, and sailed to Jolly Harbour, Antigua in one tack. Both sails up. Both reefed. Nice. Not much work. We let Rob take the helm. This was, after all, the experience he was looking for. After a number of "S" curves, Rob was starting to get the hang of steering. Until the wind picked up under a few clouds. When the wind picks up, it tries to suck you up into it. Tony and I were both sitting under the dodger, facing backwards, pointing every few moments to the leeward side of the boat to get Rob back on course. Rob was fascinated that we could ... read more
Interesting art.
Showing Rob what 'Ti Punch is all about.
Look at that concentration!

Geo: 15.8585, -61.595Apparently Les Saintes is not the easiest place to find us. That, or Rob isn't as good at finding us as Jimmy is! Our friend Rob, a "power boater" from EYC, wanted to experience a week of sailing with us. We brought he along the coast of Guadeloupe and the crossed to Antigua. I think he enjoyed it. Just a bit. ;) Oh, and Les Saintes are so pretty and quaint! The pics will speak for themselves. ... read more
Touring the town while we wait for the next ferry.
Little roadside veggie market
Roadside market

Geo: 16.3065, -61.7942Practicing my French and loving it!Throughout the French islands, thus far, we've come across "Toi là! Je t'aime!" spray painted everywhere. I smile each time I see this mini graffiti. I mean, who doesn't like to here that they are loved?!? (Loosely translated: Hey you! I love you, or directly: You there. I love you!) ... read more
'Ti punch
Deshaies sunset

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