Rob's sail from Guadeloupe to Antigua

Published: June 17th 2017
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Geo: 45.5663, 1.29066

After leaving Les Saintes with Rob on board, we stopped twice along the coast of Guadeloupe. Once at Pigeon Island, and then again in Deshaies.

We left Deshaies, Guadeloupe, and sailed to Jolly Harbour, Antigua in one tack. Both sails up. Both reefed. Nice. Not much work. We let Rob take the helm. This was, after all, the experience he was looking for. After a number of "S" curves, Rob was starting to get the hang of steering. Until the wind picked up under a few clouds. When the wind picks up, it tries to suck you up into it. Tony and I were both sitting under the dodger, facing backwards, pointing every few moments to the leeward side of the boat to get Rob back on course. Rob was fascinated that we could “just feel” it. But truthfully, it more than just feeling it – we can hear when the sails aren't set right. We can see (even looking backwards) that the boat has turned, even by a few degrees. By the time we reached Antigua, (about 7 hours later) Rob was really getting the hang of it! If he would have been with us for a few days longer he would have started to “feel” it the same way we do! 😉

On arrival in Antigua, we anchored, swam, and relaxed. We had arrived too late in the afternoon to check in, so that would be done the following morning. We had our last big dinner with Rob aboard. The next day, Tony took Rob ashore to Customs and Immigration to check us all into the country, and then to check Rob OFF the boat.

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