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Monday July 30 - It seems most people outdid themselves and stayed up quite late partying last night, with my roommates coming in between 12:30 and 5am. I didn't sleep well after 4:30am and got up by 6:45. I finished packing and then headed down to breakfast. Today we had beans, a boiled egg, fry bread and sausage (aka cut up hotdogs). I even got a piece of carrot cake that wasn't eaten last night. After breakfast I said my goodbyes to everyone, though sadly Kersel was not around at the time, and I almost cried when I said goodbye to Meagan. I spent the most time with her on a daily basis, and it was sad to say goodbye. I was happy that both she and Shelly got up to say goodbye before I left. ... read more
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Yummy coconut ice pop

Les Saintes Leaving Dominica we enjoyed a fabulous sail, in close company with Open Blue, to Les Saintes. The winds were light and we ploughed along cutting through the narrow Passe Des Dames and into the collection of low-lying islands belonging to Guadeloupe, and again part of the Departments Outre Mer (or overseas territories). France maintains these islands with the same level of oversight as it does with say, the Haut Savoie. We looked to stop in Anse du Bourg but it became apparent that our indecision on where to go was our downfall, as coming in fast on the left flank were a band of sweating Frenchmen at the maximum speed a Sun Fast 36 can muster under engine, they therefore snaffled the last mooring buoy. This was actually to our benefit as we turned ... read more
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If you really want to get the important things in life clean!
East coast of Guadeloupe

I found out in May this year that my application was successful to work as an English Language Assistant in Guadeloupe, a French département in the Caribbean. My contract began on the 1st of October, so to kick things off, I flew over a couple of weeks beforehand to get everything sorted before starting work. My previous experience in France had taught me that getting things sorted can take time and I was hoping to get paid before the New Year sets in! I flew to Paris first in order to take a direct flight to Guadeloupe. My parents decided to accompany me to Paris and we spent a fantastic day wandering around in the sunshine, taking in the sights such as Napoleon’s tomb at Invalides, walk’s along the Seine and a trip on the infamous ... read more
Caribbean Delights
Under the shade of a Palm Tree
La Grande Anse

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