Grenada! Goal accomplished!

Published: June 17th 2017
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We made it! Made it to Grenada. This was one of our cruising goals accomplished. We had made our haul out reservation back in Dominica, and had to rush a whole lot more than we prefer, but we arrived in Grenada six days before our Haul Out date.

Back when we first set out on this adventure, we had to chose a route to take. Option #1 was Bahamas, TCI, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, with a final goal of Guatemala. Option #2 was the route we chose, taking us to Grenada.
It took us three years to make it, but we did. Will we continue cruising? Yes. Absolutely. Will we try to do the route we didn't take? Maybe someday. But not this year.

The trip from Carriacou to Grenada was another rough one. We travelled with two other Canadian boats, even though many others were leaving that day. You see, we took the "outside" route, whereas most boats go the "inside" route. It's all about being on the windward, or leeward side of the island. Obvioulsy, most choose the calmer, side, in the lee of the land, but NO!, we took the windy side to get ourselves there faster. And we did move at a pretty good speed! But Boy! was it rough.

So, on our last sail of the season, Tony enjoyed a wild and crazy ride, and I was, once again, sea sick. The positive side of this is that I've learned what works for me, and I seem to be able to manage it most of the time now.

Things I learned this year:

This lifestyle is definitely for me. I love it. I love how simple of a life it is, yet also how hard it can be at times. I love the challenges involved. Doing laundry by hand is hard work and a total workout. But I really don't mind it. Although I love living aboard a sailboat, I don't necessarily love "sailing". Don't get me wrong! Sometime we have a great sail from point A to point B, (Like our stellar overnighter to Bequia!) but several times this year the sailing was less than desirable for me, considering the heavier wind, bigger waves, bigger swells, and stronger currents. Will this stop me? No way. Everything that I love about this lifestyle far outweighs getting sea sick a few times.
Final thoughts for this cruising season:
is more. Experiences far outweigh material possessions.Some people still have the unfortunate misconception that you need to be rich to do something like this. Yes, we're experiences. THIS is about following our dreams. It's not about money, folks. "Just because your dreams are big doesn't mean your budget has to be." - That's my own quote and I love it.
My hope in my writing and sharing of photographs was always to keep our loved ones informed with our whereabouts and that we are okay. As well, I hope to encourage others to follow their dreams and know that the sky's the limit. However, at times we are still criticized for living an 'alternative' lifestyle - for not doing what our friends and family are doing, want us to do, or expect us to do. If you wish to be negative and critical, please keep your opinion to yourself on this topic. I am so proud of, and feel so accomplished by the fact that we are truly following our dream. How many people go through life not accomplishing THAT goal? Perhaps they don't even realize that there is more to life than 'working to live'? Why should the only option be to follow the "norm", or do what your friends are doing, or do what is "expected" of you? If that's the dream, then that's perfect! But that way of life is not for everyone. And it's certainly not for us at this point in life. Making a big change can be scary. Purging "stuff" and parting with the life that you've built can be scary. Setting out on your own and leaving friends and family behind can be scary. I understand that. I've done that. But I saw the dream beyond that. It takes an unwavering soul to be able to drop everything and go.
Living on two boat and having no house works for us and makes us very happy. It is upsetting that we are, at times, criticized for doing things our way - especially since we've found such profound happiness. But I will continue to encourage others, not only to follow their dreams, but to turn their dreams into their own reality. My hope is that everyone can find the same level of happiness that we've found.

So there you go! Third season done. We will return to Grenada in November to start cruising season #4.

Thanks for following my little blog. I truly appreciate your kind feedback and comments. It gives me the INSPIRATION to keep writing about our life aboard s/v Inspiration! xoxo

Much love to you all!

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14th November 2016

I am SO happy for you guys! I have a return shot for you on the choice and feelings behind the reasons we want to cruise, I'll send them in a separate email though. My utmost congratulations on reaching Grenada, a season there is my goal as
well. I hope to 'cross deh bridge' with you at Nimrod's someday soon! With Mello now up for sale, I'm hoping to buy The Boat this coming season. Then a year or two and I'll be on my way down. I'm sorry that Maggie and I couldn't get there to celebrate on Friday evening. We have nothing but good wishes for your continued good winds and weather, for your health and happiness. I'll be watching your blogs so please keep 'em coming!Blessings,Marc
14th November 2016

Thanks for sharing our dream with us .I am very proud of you and so glad that you are so happy . In our next life we will do the same.Love and Hugs Regina & Patrick
14th November 2016

Thanks for sharing our dream with us .I am very proud of you and so glad that you are so happy . In our next life we will do the same.Love and Hugs Regina & Patrick

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