Published: June 17th 2017
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Geo: 12.0648, -61.7445

After a comfortable nights sailing we arise with Serenade still some distance from Grenada. Peter fetches coffees which we enjoy on the balcony in the early morning warmth. As we have an aft balcony cabin we are shielded somewhat from the easterly winds that the ship has experienced ever since we arrived in Aruba a few days ago. Breakfast is a leisurely affair in the main dining room. We dock at around 1pm today and our tour is scheduled for 1.45pm. We head back to the cabin to change and apply the all important sun screen. We pose for the obligatory photos as we leave the ship and we head to the rendezvous point for the tour.

Our tour is called Sunshine and Spices. We are met by our guide called Terry and board his small 10 seater mini-van. We are first driven though the capital of Grenada, St Georges. They drive on the correct side of the road here (left). St George is full of small narrow streets that Terry expertly navigates. All the time he is explaining about the area, what we can see, points of interest and what daily life for a Grenadan is like.

Our first stop is the Laura Spice & Herb Gardens. Grenada is know as the spice island and it certainly lives up to its name. We are met by our guide Ana who takes us on a tour of the garden. The garden if full of every type of spice plants and herbs you can imagine. Ana stops every few feet or so to pluck leaves from each plant for us to either smell or taste and explains the healing properties or uses for each of them. There is a mind boggling amount of information. One of the ladies in our tour gets bitten on her ankle by some ants. Ana immediately stops and plucks an aloe leaf for her to rub on the bite to soothe and stop the itching. It seems to have the desired affect. After the tour we are given the chance to purchase our very own herbs and spices.

On leaving the gardens Terry drives us to a rum distillery. We are each given hard hats to wear as we will be going into the factory itself. Our guide explains in detail the process for distilling and making rum. Inside there is a strange musty smell from the process and I am glad I do not have to work in there as the heat and humidity is intense. We try various flavoured rums on our exit, I particularly like the pomegranate flavour. They all seem to pack a punch with alcohol volumes at 69%.

We are then driven back to the coast and Grand Anse Beach. It's is one of the more famous beaches on the island, stretching for two glorious miles. We are actually dropped off at the luxurious Radisson Beach Resort where we can use the hotel facilities and get a complimentary drink from the bar which we do. We only have an hour here which is a shame. We perch on two chairs overlooking the golden sands of the beach as people swim in the gentle shallow waters. All too soon it is back on the mini bus and back to the ship after a very enjoyable tour.

As its early evening when we return we quickly shower/change and head out for some pre dinner drinks. We meet with Angie/Bill/Lorna/Ron and others in the Schooner bar before going up to deck 13 and the concierge lounge. It's fairly busy tonight and so we sit in the outside seating area and enjoy our drinks just as we leave port. We are eating in the main dining room tonight. The previous couple of times have been a little lacklustre and so we a not sure what to expect. We hope service is not as rapid as the last time.

We are sat in a different area and the waiter and assistant are very good. Service is at a more relaxed pace! Still a little quicker than we would like but better. I have a nice shrimp cocktail and Caesar salad followed by linguini pomodoro. Its one of the dishes that is on the menu every night. It's my go-to choice if I can't see anything on the menu I fancy. It's always very good. Peter has Angus beef sliders which he likes. Shame they can't do a decent burger in the Windjammer. Dessert is trifle and pecan pie with ice cream.

We exit the dining room just as the aerial show is beginning in the centrum. Its theme is Jack and the Beanstalk. I am surprised it is all over in 10 minutes as I am sure some people grabbed their seats an hour before to ensure a good spot. From there it is the casino for a flutter. We come out with more than we went it...marginally, which is always good. We are both dismayed to find that we are really tired. It's only 10.30pm. We put it down to the heat, humidity and the sea air. We succumb and retire for an early night.


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