Underwater Sculpture Park

Published: October 5th 2009
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Underwater Sculpture GardenUnderwater Sculpture GardenUnderwater Sculpture Garden

Snorkeling at the underwater sculpture garden- so cool!
One day we decided to go out snorkeling in Moliniere Bay. We had heard that there is a cool underwater sculpture park and we wanted to check it out. So we hopped in the dinghy and trekked over there. Moliniere is a sheltered bay on the west coast of Grenada that is relatively shallow, only 10 to 20 feet deep- perfect for snorkeling. So we tied up the dinghy to one of the mooring balls and dived in. It didn’t take us long to discover one of the sculptures. Almost buried in the sand were stone sculptures of women laying on the ocean floor. So of course Jay went in for a closer look! Then we continued on, exploring the different underwater canyons of the bay. There were schools of little fish that followed us along and a bunch of squid hiding in the canyons- cool! And as we were snorkeling we would discover more sculptures. One was of a woman on her knees in grief, very moving. Then there was a man sitting behind a desk, kind of bizarre. And lastly we saw the ring of people holding hands, very powerful! Some of the statues had fallen down since installation,

Jay discovers one of the sculptures.
but that just added to the effect. We dove down and swam all around the ring, admiring how the coral has grown and added to the beauty. Jason Taylor, who created this underwater sculpture park, is an ecologist as well as an artist. His work focuses on the relationship between the environment and modern art. He built this underwater sculpture park in the hopes of creating an artificial reef and to promote recovery. I felt like he did a fantastic job. It was awesome and so much fun!

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Wire SculptureWire Sculpture
Wire Sculpture

Love this wire sculpture- so much emotion!
Man Behind DeskMan Behind Desk
Man Behind Desk

We thought this one was kind of bizarre. Doesn't really fit in to the natural environment, does it?!?

Then we discovered this sculpture, a ring of people holding hands. By far, our favorite!

Love how the coral has grown on this sculpture- makes it more beautiful!

5th October 2009

Coral of Dreams
If you Build it - they will come
20th October 2009

Seafaris Powerboat Eco-tour
Fantastic Pictures Rum Runner they really show the natural environment taking over the statues which is what they were designed to do. We stop at the statues with our guests on a regular basis so it has been enthralling watching them change over time. Just for your own information the man at the desk is called the Lost correspondent and depicts the evolution of news and history in Grenada. You can't really see them now but his desk is inlaid with all sorts of items such as papers and items from the revoultion and more recently some tickets from the Cricket World Cup. He really was the lost correspondent at one point as strong surges picked him up and stuck him under the reef. Luckily the divers from Dive Grenada restored him to his rightful position. Best regards. Suzanne

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