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To get to El Salvadore we had to pass through Honduras. Meaning two boarder crossings in one day, so we were execting it to not go too smoothley. Leaving Nicaragua we took a faw busses and got on a minumbus (rammed) to the Honduras boarder. Approaching the boarder we begin to slow down. What we didnt realise is on the pacific side of honduras, travelers tend to drive directly through to El Salvador. Meaning they have only the short boarder crossing time to drain you of all your money. So slowing down at the boarder their eyes lit up as they made eye contact with you. Anyone who was standing in the street is now running along side the bus. Before long they are clambering onto the roof and untieing our bags and surfboards. the bus ... read more
Strap me down boys
The beasts
View from our hut on the beach at Las Flores Moved Blog to here. ... read more

Still slow internet service in Playa El Tunco. Today we learned the internet has been out for 3 weeks, as the main cable is stolen almost as quickly as it is replaced. Wireless cards are available but are extremely slow and inefficient. The black sand beach is rocky but beautiful and is great for surfing. Ryan and Brad continue to refine their skills, Maddy bravely learning the basics, and I am just trying to keep the saltwater and sunscreen out of my eyes. Ryan is having fun surfing but they are the strongest currents he has ever been in..."sometimes I work for five minutes, not to move at all." Tunco Lodge is a great place to stay - close to the beach and all the restaurants. By day there are a couple of cats, some chickens, ... read more
Tunco Lodge
Common area.
Ryan catching a wave.

Thursday, August 5th; Today was our group day, spent doing stuff just for the church and seperate from Moody Missions. We left the hotel a bit later than planned because we first made a trip to the local Super Selectos to buy a bunch of water, then a stop at a pharmacy for some sinus medicine. We finally left at about 9:30am for our trip to the "mountain church" and then to the orphanage near La Libertad. After a nice easy trip on the highway to our turnoff for the mountain church near Comasaqua, we traveled about 10 kilometers on a nicely paved but often terribly steep road, then another couple of kms on a similar road made of dirt. We were so glad to get there safe and sound, especially my wife who is very ... read more
Manoli and the Pigs
Mountain Church Distribution
Mountain Church

We managed to leave Antigua almost on time, which for various reasons seemed a long shot. I´ll say no more than that Antigua can be a rough town on a guy like me, all the more so on a night when Tequila fell from the sky. The most of ride to the border was fast and beautiful, winding between volcanos and ranchland. The only exception was Esquintla. As soon as we hit the town I stopped to ask directions because we were told we wouldn´t have to go through it. Before I could flip up my visor or find someone to ask a what looked like a delivery bike pulled up beside me and the rider asked where we were going. The next thing I know we´re winding through town following some strange man. I was ... read more
Lunch by the roadside
Slap tortilla up!
Goodbye Guat!

Mer hoend Guatemala hinter ues loh und sind noch El Salvador gfahra. Leider isch die ganz Busfahrt akli laenger gange als planed, somit simmer erst am halbi 6si i da Hauptstadt San Salvador akoh. D'frog isch oeb mer soellad do blieba obwohls akli turbulent zua und her goht do. Am noegsta Tag isch aeba da neu Praesident gwaehlt worda und d'Luet sind foellig us am Huesli gsi. Also hoemmer ues wohl oder uebel foer a Taxi entschieda, wo ues an 50min enfernta Playa el Tunco brocht het. Es isch an strenga Tag gsi alles wommer ues no foer da Obet gwuenscht hoend isch a kalts Bier gsi... Dumm nu das di Noegsta 4 Taeg ko Alkohol usgschenkt wora isch us Sicherheitsgruend wegs da Wahle.... aaaaaahhhh.... S'Reise ka so grausam si.. Wil uesi Bliebi noed grad s'grand ... read more
next Surfstar
Bamba in Action

Well hello everyone, my apologies for the lack of input as of lately. It has been a time of change and travel. This is the first correspondence that I, Roguer have made. The last you heard of snowball, the hippy hauler we were awaiting the arrival of mom and dad Kehler. We had a fantastic time with them and I think they had a pretty good time hanging out with Anja. During this time we also developed some truck problems. We unfortunately used some bad oil and also received some bad diesel, thus causing some large issues with the injector pump and injectors. We were fortunate to find Mario and crew, the best diesel specialists in La Paz. During our time at La Pastora, Todos Santos we also had some changes with the hippy hauler crew. ... read more
Roguer, La Pastora
Aunty Em

Juhuuuuu, hei og hopp, tuddeluh og heisann sveisann!!! Her kjem ny rapport fraa dinne kanten av verden. Vi reiste som dokke veit til El Salvador etter at vi hadde gjort oss ferdige med spansken. Og som sagt har vi hoeyrt ein del skumle ting om det landet. I tillegg er det veldig mange som "hoppar" over El Salvador naar dei reiser i Sentral-Amerika. Vi moeter mykje dei samme folka over alt, i tillegg til at vi les mange reisebrev paa nettet. Saa dei fleste foelger nokon lunde den samme loeypa rundt om i desse landa. Og El Salvador er uten tvil det landet i omraadet som blir besoekt minst av backpackerar. Men sjoelvsagt er det ogsaa mange som tar turen dit, og det virkar som dei fleste som gjer det er veldig fornoegde med oppholdet. Og ... read more
Playa el Tunco
Playa el Tunco
Playa el Tunco

No Machetes We crossed from Guatemala into La Hachadura at probably one of the most pleasant border crossing we had done. The staff was friendly, it didn’t take much time (well relatively) and it didn’t cost anything. We were on the Carretera Littoral which runs along the Pacific Coast. Neither of us were sure why but driving along we both immediately liked El Slavador. Perhaps it was the weather and the Pacific Coast. Or perhaps it was that the people walking down the highway didn’t walk with machetes and there didn’t seem to be quite so many guns as Guatemala. New Year's Eve & Turtle Eggs We headed down the highway towards a port town called La Libertad where we heard there were some nice beaches around. We pulled up outside a hotel and decided we ... read more
Another Sunset
Our Dirty Van
Some Cool Surfers

27th - 29th November It was a long old day of chicken bus after chicken bus to get us from Guatamala to El Salvador, but rewarding none the less. A bus to Guatamala City, a taxi to the main station, a bus to just past the border, a collectivo mini bus to another bus station, a bus along the 'Ruta de las Flores' (a slight detour and completely lacking in any evidence of the beautiful flowers it is famed for), another bus and 11 hours later... we arrived at Playa El Tunco. Playa El Tunco is famed for its 'great breaks' (aka surfing), and thus pretty much all the rooms had been taken. Eventually, after being turned away by at least 3 places and exhausting the Lonely Planet's suggestions, we found a rather shabby looking place ... read more

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