La Pastora, Mexico to La Libertad, El Salvador

Published: March 3rd 2009
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Well hello everyone, my apologies for the lack of input as of lately. It has been a time of change and travel. This is the first correspondence that I, Roguer have made. The last you heard of snowball, the hippy hauler we were awaiting the arrival of mom and dad Kehler. We had a fantastic time with them and I think they had a pretty good time hanging out with Anja. During this time we also developed some truck problems. We unfortunately used some bad oil and also received some bad diesel, thus causing some large issues with the injector pump and injectors. We were fortunate to find Mario and crew, the best diesel specialists in La Paz. During our time at La Pastora, Todos Santos we also had some changes with the hippy hauler crew. Chantelle was getting bigger by the day and we were feeling that the long days of driving through Central America would not be the best thing for her health or that of the new babe. So we booked her and Anja on flight out of Los Cabos to Costa Rica the same day my parents flew back to Canada. Emillie also flew on with Chantelle. So the three girls we’re off to Costa Rica. This left Domingo and I one month to explore as much of Central America as we could. After a six day delay driving back and forth in a rental car from Todos Santos to La Paz the truck was ready and we we’re off on a truck ferry to the mainland. There wasn’t much to the boat but the passage included a dinner and breakfast; and we we’re able to stay in the camper with Conejo. We arrived in Mazatlan and met up with my Aunts and uncles; Joan and Ken, Milt and Val. Enjoyed breakfast together and then we we’re off south down the coast. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta that evening and stayed in a gas station parking lot for the night, which has proved to work for us on more than one occasion on a travels. While in Puerto Vallarta we scored eighty litres of oil, we we’re off to a good start but, after a couple hundred km down the road our vegetable oil system stopped working and we have not been able to get it to work since. We rolled into Pasquales which had overhead waves thumping the beach. We surfed two sessions and headed on to Nexpa, for four days of head high reeling lefts; Domingo was in goofy foot heaven. From there we drove down the coast, stopping only for food, diesel and sleep. Crossing the border and reaching Lago Atitlan, Gautemala; we enjoyed a couple nights with some friends, thanks Jeroma and Matt. Bringing us to where we are now, La Libertad, El Salvador. We arrived here on the first of March to shoulder high waves and howling off shore winds. We will be off to Nicaragua in a couple of days and be in Costa Rica within the week. Pura vida Roguer and domingo

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