El Salvador

Published: July 7th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Finally we are at the beach and within 5 minutes of arriving at our beach side surf lodge we were in the water ducking under the waves.

Its about 30 degrees here, very humid and much to our delight it seems to only rain in the middle of the night. The sea is like a warm bath which means you don't need to hurry out but we are lucky enough to have a refreshing pool with ocean views at our lodge. The village we are staying in is called El Tunco which pretty much merges into El Sunzal. This is a famous coast for its surf and although the waves are still powerful, we are lucky its small enough for us beginners to get out.

Rainy season offers the best surf here. As we are near a small river mouth you also get a lot of debris in the water in the form of small sticks, leaves and mud. The sand is also black and the beaches really rocky.

This morning we woke up feeling energetic and keen to finally be able to do some exercise again. So after getting advice on a safe route we headed out on a run. Maybe it would be more correct to call it a runauna as we felt like we were running in a sauna.

Our run took us along the coast road past small villages and were greeted with dozens of Holas. Nothing could have beaten the site of our pool as we arrived back at our surf lodge in quite a dripping state. So after a quick dip, a lot of water and an El Salvador breakfast (slightly different to the norm) we hired some boards and tried our luck on the waves.

Surfing is not a forgiving sport and feeling every muscle in your arms you quickly learn to respect every wave you duck under. We had great fun on the waves and took a few pummelings but nothing more than a warning. We knew our limits. Leanne was first to retreat back to shore to work on a much more relaxing sport, sun bathing. An hour or so later after watching Matt take a beating, we both headed back to the hammocks to read a bit more of our books.

For all its problems El Salvador is a beautiful country and the people we have encountered have been extremely helpful and friendly.

We are now waiting on the tides before we attempt an afternoon session.

Life is far from stressful here.

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River MouthRiver Mouth
River Mouth

No trouble finding Drift Wood in rainy season

Not a bad view from our table

8th July 2008

Sun Bathing
Hey you two, looks like you're still having fun, little reminder Leanne, remember to sunbathe without your straps on so you don't have any strap makrs at Laura's wedding he he, its taking me FOREVER to get rid of mine and thats just from the English sun :-). xxx
14th July 2008

El Salvador???? Looks more like Himitangi to me bro - minus the burnt out car wrecks on the beach that is

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