Day 1 Achaupan Habitat build

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February 13th 2013
Published: February 14th 2013
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This morning we started at the community center and we were introduced to Tonya who is the site manager. She introduced us to the community co-op. The co-op is the ladies of the community who sew, knit, paint, jewelry,macrame to sell to people to make money. After that we went to the build site. We were introduced to the head mason and crew. There we're many jobs available digging floors, sifting sand for white wash,cutting and bending rebar,hauling dirt, digging trenches, painted white wash on walls and tamp the dirt. Our translator was Eswaldo a 20 year old man was given a scholarship by habitat to learn English. The only stipulation is he helps translate when build groups come. The day starts at 6:30 for breakfast then we catch a bus at 7:30 to go to site or whatever is planned. If we are at site we break at 10 for 15 minutes. Then we work till noon and break an hour for lunch.At 1 we work until 2 or 2:15. Then break for 15 minutes. We finish at 4 to head back to the hotel. We then met for dinner. Since I am able to blog finally and it is Wednesday I will say almost all of us came down with upset stomachs. Two went to the hospital for dehydration. At the hospital the doctor said with our symptoms we were exposed to parasites. He issued us all antibiotics. I have Never in my life been with a group of New friends and talked about poop so much. And laughed. I can't ad pictures those will come later.


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