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Mermaid SofiaMermaid SofiaMermaid Sofia

San Blas Beach
"At that volcano we hiked up and took tons of pictures and videos. When we got to the top we saw a volcano with a little volcano inside. It was so funny. Then we went to a beach. I became a mermaid in the sand. Vitor caught a crab. We had lots of fun. Then at night me, dad and Vitor went to a pool. I went in it and the others didn't. Then we went to a restaurant and we saw my friends mom, Carmen." - Sofia

Another good breakfast at our hotel and with our same driver, we were off for another full day. First stop was a volcano "Bocaron" which was basically right in San Salvador. A beautiful drive up and we reached the spot where we needed to hike a bit. It was a nice short hike with lots of beautiful plants and flowers on the way. When we reached the top it was a little cloudy but then the clouds lifted. It was really cool. There was a baby volcano in the big one. So cool and cute. We walked around the rim and looked at different view points. Had fun taking pictures with Daddy and Vitor.

We then went to eat Puposas. These are really popular in San Salvdor. We ordered a bunch of different ones and shared. They were real yummy.

Then it was on to the beach. We were there in less than 1 hour. We went to this one place in San Blas that had a restaurant and hammocks. We went right onto the beach. It was beuatiful dark sand. The waves were huge but we did not go wear the waves broke, just the smaller waves. I had so much fun with Daddy and Vitor in the water and even did some body surfing.

We then played in the sand. We made a big hole and then I sat in it. Then I turned into a mermaid. Vitor caught a cool little crab. It was then time to get washed off and have our late lunch. Yummy sea food - fish, calamari, shrip. After kicking back in the hammocks, we took off.

We were planning to be dropped off at the museum that Vitor wanted to go to, but it was closed. So we were dropped off at
me and Vitor at Bocaronme and Vitor at Bocaronme and Vitor at Bocaron

With the baby volcano in the background
one of the nicest hotels in the city - the Hilton Princess. The reason was that my great friend Luna's mom, Carmen, was staying there. What a coincidence! She was there to see her brother Victor swim in a big competition. We went swimming in the hotel pool. It was soooo cold. Vitor would not come in and Daddy only came in for a short time. We got to use her much needed shower while she was gone at the swimming competition.

After having a snack and watching the Miami Heat game in the bar, Carmen and her family (unfortunately without Luna and her dad, Sean who did not make the trip) came back and we had a good dinner at the hotel. We had to leave before everyone else because we had a late flight to catch.

So, a taxi, a tiring wait at the airport, and a short 2+hours flight (the majority of which I slept through) and we were back in Fort Lauderdale by 600am. A little problem at immigration with Vitor not being my daddy's son, but we passed through, changed in the car and made it to school in Miami on time! I made it the whole day without falling asleep.

What a crazy short 48 hour trip and so glad Vitor came with us. Cannot wait until next trip........Iceland and Greenland in August.

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Playing with VitorPlaying with Vitor
Playing with Vitor

Hotel Tazumal House
Yummy PuposasYummy Puposas
Yummy Puposas

San Salvador
Body SurfingBody Surfing
Body Surfing

San Blas Beach
Great Sea FoodGreat Sea Food
Great Sea Food

Hotel on San Blas Beach
Yummy Breakfast with VitorYummy Breakfast with Vitor
Yummy Breakfast with Vitor

Hotel Tazumal House
Who You Looking At?Who You Looking At?
Who You Looking At?

San Blas Beach
With the Owners of the HotelWith the Owners of the Hotel
With the Owners of the Hotel

Hotel Tazumal House
Great view of BocaronGreat view of Bocaron
Great view of Bocaron

With my favorite little volcano in the middle
Jumping the WavesJumping the Waves
Jumping the Waves

San Blas Beach
Vitor Caught a CrabVitor Caught a Crab
Vitor Caught a Crab

San Blas Beach

16th June 2012
Mermaid Sofia

My daughter will love this pic. She often dresses up as a mermaid. Ill show her the photo, even though it will likely mean I will have to spend more time than I want in the sand making the same photo of her.

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