El Salvador - Day 5

Published: August 11th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Day Five - Saturday September 23rd

I woke up every two hours on the hour to puke. I won't get detailed about it because I'm sure nobody likes me THAT much (except for MARTA who got to hear it all) to want to know the details of my illness. Suffice it to say that those over-cooked and crispy eggs from that morning made a reappearance and I wasn't feeling well on Saturday morning to go out.

I stayed in bed while Marta went out to meet Gaby. I think I drifted in and out of consciousness, decidedly uncomfortable but not sure what part of my body was aching and preventing me from having a restful sleep. The bed was suddenly too hard and the pillow not fluffy enough. My granny!gown wasn't enough to keep me cool. At some point the housekeeper came by to ask me something. Her lack of English and my lack of Spanish coupled with my delirium prevented any meaningful conversation and I mumbled shit until she left. I was happy and crawled back into bed. I was still fairly coherent but not feeling too hot. At some point there was another knock on the door. I got up to answer it, annoyed that I was required to move, and the housekeeper was there again, but this time with another woman. She said something to me in English about a woman who had come buy to pick up some gifts from Marta. I remembered that M's dad had some friends that would be coming by to pick up gifts, but I didn't know where the gift was. I tried telling her that Marta wasn't there, and suddenly... I couldn't see. I was really pissed because I could hear them saying something, and feel myself being led back to my bed. The room was dark, but no matter how wide I opened my eyes, I couldn't see where I was going and didn't want to flop down and hit my head on the night stand. As soon as I lied down again my vision returned and I just lay there looking up at the woman who'd been talking to me. She told me she was a doctor, I had a fever and she was going to get some antibiotics for me. She then told me some other stuff, all of which I understood and made sense. I was dimly aware that I was hot, but didn't realize that I was running a fever.

I tried to sleep. There was a banging on the outside door to the guest house. It was incessant and the person didn't give up for at LEAST 15 minutes. I was tempted to answer it myself, but I don't speak Spanish and didn't want to black out again. I woke up at 5pm to Marta arriving back. I probably freaked her out, since I'm never sick. I haven't been laid out like that in, oh, 10 years? I've never blacked out before and I don't remember the last time I've run a fever. I'm usually the picture of health. I blame the sun. I really do! It's the Sun's fault. Anyways, Marta took care of me and made sure I drank this special water that was supposed to help. It was nasty water, but I forced myself to drink it, along with eating some veggie soup and then the antibiotics.

We watched some tv in the garden while I downed water and pretty much sat in a swing like a log, watching some tv. A lot of the tv there is English with Spanish subtitles. Made it easy to watch shows, which was good because I needed some input into my brain aside from staring at the backs of my eyelids all day.

Eventually I realized I was exhausted and excused myself to go to bed. What a waste of a Saturday.

We missed: high tea with M's Aunt, hanging with Gaby, shopping and partying at a bar and lots of drinking.


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