No shame in the Campo

Published: May 25th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I must tell this story that happened today, actually just happened only 15 minutes ago. While I’m typing this entry, I am listening to bachata music because I make it part of my learning of Spanish and because I just love it! Bachata is especially popular in the campo because I believe that is where it first came from. Okay onto the story. I am in my neighbor’s house, talking to the family, and 2 of the young teenagers who have taken me to different spots to bathe (you guys already know what that means, once again, I have no shame (no tengo verguenza) and I’m not a pedophile). And they ask me if I could tell a story. You must understand that telling stories is a very important thing in this culture. Of course it is a way to get to know you, but it really means that you are gaining trust with these people (tener confianza…extremely important action in getting the community to trust you). If you tell stories to people they will love you because they always want to know stories of people. So this time when they asked me, I felt comfortable enough to tell them the Jaba story that happened with Dan and I, and they laughed at it. However, they asked for another one, and eventually told them another one. Before I explain what happened after, I have to tell you the story that I told them because it fits with what happened after the story.

Just over 2 years ago, I had just started dating Maria. Actually at this point it wasn’t even really official because it was only a week or so old. She called me, and told me that she was heading to my library at Georgia Tech to study for a test the next day. I brought some work with me to study, even though I remember that I had already done all of my homework for the next several days. But I decided to do something daring and packed a red apron and a black trench coat in my backpack. After meeting Maria at the library and studying together for 2 hours or so (studying with a person you like is probably the biggest waste of your time because you never get anything done), we leave the 2nd floor and start to head for the exit on the first floor. Before we exit I said to her that I want to use the bathroom before we leave. I entered the bathroom, removed all of my clothes, but took the trench coat out of my backpack and put it on myself. I exited the bathroom, and I met up with Maria at the exit, but before we could exit, a security guard stopped us, and started talking to me. I was soooooooooo extremely nervous because I looked extremely suspicious. It was 60 degrees outside, and from his vantage point, I was wearing this huge black trench coat that reached my knees, and then he could only see my shoes. I looked sketch. I really thought he was about to ask me to open my coat because maybe I was stealing books, but luckily he never asked that question, and we both exited the library to my relief. After we got to her car, she guessed that I was naked underneath my trench coat and we both just laughed. Then, she drove me to my apartment building, where we walked inside up to my floor and went to the study room to chat some more, with me still wearing the trench coat. After 5 minutes or so, I decided to one up this, without Maria looking at my naked body, I removed my trench coat and put on the red apron. As you can picture it, my front was completely covered, but my booty was naked. So I told her I needed to get something from my room, and I left the study lounge, and walked to my apartment with only the red apron on my naked body. I figured no one would be in my apartment (at that moment I actually didn’t really even care), but to my amazement, as I opened the door to my apartment, there stood my roommate (Jason), Martha, and someone else I forgot, and without hesitation, they start laughing. To this day, I still don’t have the pictures that Martha took of me (at least in this memory I remember her taking pics of me in the red apron, and if she did I desperately need those pictures!).

I will add that when I was telling the story to my neighbors, I forgot to add the part that I walked to my apartment with a red apron on, and not completely naked, but still would have been funny. After telling this story, the Dad hears the story and says to me, “Why did you do that? Were you drinking? Smoking?” I replied that I didn’t know why I did it, but I just did. After saying this, he stands up (wearing a robe mind you) and just removes his robe to reveal his naked body in front of the whole family and myself! My mind was crying on the inside, but I was just nonchalant when this occurred. So yes, more <s>penis</s> naked stories!


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