Places you must visit as a tourist in Dominican Republic

Published: October 20th 2018
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If you happen to visit the Caribbean Islands, Dominican Republic is a place that you should consider for your tourist activities. It is one of the many gifted destinations in the area that is filled with stunning beaches and luxury resorts. With amazing infrastructure and emphasis on tourism industry, the island is surely a place that many will love. It has a decent population of over 10 million people and offers you a diverse geography with a history that dates back to Christopher Columbus. Here are certain spots you must not visit on your tours to Dominican Republic.

The Punta Cana Resort Destination

For the people that possess a love for white sand beaches and want to take a peek at them when they meet the emerald waters, Punta Cana is the spot that you’ll love. It is one of the prime locations in the area and has everything that a couple wants. Moreover, they have also assured that individuals who are seeking family friendly entertainment are taken care of appropriately.

Samana Bay Whale Watching

Who would dare missing such a scene when you can see a whale flying out of the waters? Well, every winter, in the months of December to March, the humpback whales take turn towards Samana Bay with the intention of mating and giving birth. If you are in love with the giants and want to see this site, which is probably a must see for anyone who visits the area in this season, then the Samana Bay is where you must go for whale watching.

La Hacienda Park

The Hacienda Park in Dominican Republic is a place where individuals seeking an entertainment go and spend their time. It is not only for child but equally amusing for adults to take a peek at the amazing scenery and lavish greenery. You are entertained with horseback ride, buggie ride, safari, zipline, quick jump, and chairlift among many other things. For kids, there is a mini club filled with special activities, games, and programs to keep them engaged and entertained. In short, it is a great destination for overall entertainment and enjoyment.


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