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Kävin katsomassa vanhaakaupunkia ja ennen aamupalaa klo 7-8. Aamulla oli lämmintä jotain 20 astetta Seuraavaksi pääsin kävelylle klo 12. Aurinko paistoi ja lämpötila oli jotain 28 astetta. Kiersin silloin kunnolla vanhaakaupunkia, kävin katedraalissa, pysähdyin syömään ja palasin takaisin presidentin palatsin kautta. Lähdin vielä klo 17 katsomaan yhtä tuttua, joka oli töissä Sambilin ostoskeskuksessa 3 km päässä. Sieltä palasin jo uberilla. Kävin lopuksi syömässä hotellin lähellä. ... read more

There is a breeze coming through the gate doors now, lessening the oppressive heat that stays in this casa much of the day. There is no connected air conditioning here, which was an unwelcome surprise, not at all what this B&B had advertised. There are ceiling fans in most of the rooms, allowing for restless sleeping, plus the fans - especially if you are directly beneath one - make the heat almost tolerable. We sweat so much, which is actually good for releasing toxins, but we need to drink tons of water to replenish fluids that are continually lost. Since I've been here in Santo Domingo I drink at least twice as much as I do at home, and still I'm probably dehydrated. Our poor kidneys are overworked! My youngest daughter Laila and I had planned ... read more

Our team all arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic today! For many team members, this was the first time we were meeting in person. After arriving at the airport, we traveled about 35 minutes to our hotel, Hotel Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando in the Colonial part of the city. We enjoyed a team lunch and were able to spend a little time exploring the city. We met up again for our team welcome dinner and enjoyed fellowship by the pool. Tomorrow we will participate in a walking tour of the city before departing for a 3 hour drive to our project site, San Juan of la Maguana. We are excited to get started building and are thankful for this opportunity to serve the amazing people of the Dominican Republic!... read more
Team Dinner
Hotel Room

The taxi is a three-wheeler: two, back-to-back, metal bench seats over the rear axle, welded to the front half of a motorbike. On this we, and our baggage, travel to Las Galeras; slowly, noisily and belching black smoke on every hill. We are glad when the hour long trip to the north coast is over. Las Galeras is a small fishing village - the fish seller comes to the door every morning while we have breakfast. Fish or octopus today? It has to be fish! The octopus looks like tripe with a pink skin. And, anyway, we don't know how to cook octopus. Breakfast comes with a fresh coconut full of juice, and lots of fruit and coffee. We are staying in our own little cottage overlooking the beach. In the evening, we cook the fish ... read more
Buying sweet potatoes
Santo Domingo
Playa Playita

HISTORIC SANTA DOMINGO Dominican Republic We decided to go to the Dominican Republic, on our way down to Puerto Rico, where Michael will be terminating his adventure in the Caribbean. We had two choices of airports in the Dominican Republic. We finally settled on flying into Santo Domingo, the capital city. Michael is very comfortable in big cities and likes to visit a country’s capital. I was happy to take advantage of his experience and broaden my travel skills. We got a hotel right on a busy expressway. It was a comfortable hotel and featured a very nice complimentary breakfast. At my instigation we took a taxi to the university area looking for a vegetarian restaurant…big mistake. The restaurant didn’t exist any longer and the taxi driver, trying to please us, took us to another restaurant ... read more
La Fortaleza de Santo Domingo
At the Top
The Cathedral

The assistant leaders and I had dinner the night before travel with Derek from Courts for Kids, after I had coffee with my former student and returned Peace Corps volunteer Sarita, who had worked in the DR, participated in a Courts for Kids project, and is planning to take part in another this summer in Nicaragua. Derek brought us up to date--for example, we'll be staying in a house, not a community center. We will carry several very large duffel bags of a fiber that replaces metal mesh in the court surface, portable showers, and a first aid kit. Everyone showed up at the airport on time, which is always something with an early morning group departure. There are 17 of us. This trip has taken some doing to stay viable, and I was very happy ... read more
Santo Domingo hostel

Après un peu de repos, nous partons, ce 26 mars visiter la capitale de la République Dominicaine. Nous en profitons pour visiter le musée Christophe Colomb puis le centre de la vieille ville.... read more

The blog post really deserves more than one entry. The Dominican Republic was, for me, two experiences. One of culture, and one of convenience. And it is confirmed, I will take culture anyday over unlimited buffets and an open bar. Andrea and I spent half our Spring break trip in the capitol of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, pretending we were NY times travel writers and we were researching our previous article title, "36 Hours in Santa Domingo" . We followed our guide to a T. Somethings were now closed or lacked their previous allure, but overall it was a perfect guide to a few days in the country's capital. The food was amazing. Andrea with her mastery of languages sweet talked every waiter in to giving us the non-tourist special. So we were treated to ... read more
Free tour
Santa Dominigo
Downtown Santa Domingo

A Neighbor, Hipermercado Olé LA RUBIA La Rubia lives across the street in a small pink wood house with a galvanized tin roof and sells chicken every morning. She is tall, lean, strong and perhaps in her fifties with a gauntly aged face and is missing her top front teeth. She builds a fire outside where she boils a big pot of water to scald the chickens for plucking after cutting their throats. She rinses them with water and covers them with plastic bags, hangs a scale from a tree limb and sells the poultry for about 15¢ more per pound than Hipermercado Olé, the nearest supermarket. Usually she wears jeans when she prepares the poultry but if she has just gotten home from the disco or been dropped off by one of her chulos, she ... read more

The Beginning La Primaveral de Villa Mella, where we live, is on the outskirts of the city of Santo Domingo about 9 kilometers up Maximo Gomez as far as the blue water tank on stilts and then our house is a 1 kilometer walk or a 10 peso per person ride on a Honda 70cc Cub Special motorbike away. When we use such a concho Altagracia rides sidesaddle in the middle pressed between me and the chauffeur. From our roof we can see mountains, and our street, Loma de Chivo, which was asphalt at one time but now is mostly paved with dust, is virtually a dead end as it narrows to a dirt trail near a stream a few blocks beyond our house. There are a few big houses like ours with three bedrooms and ... read more

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