Poemas Variadas Por Nosotros

Published: April 27th 2013
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Shining, Glistening Landscape.

Ramshackle Old Buildings,

Beautiful. Warmth, Water,

Sun Sweat Couch.

Honk! Spanish.

Steady Rumble, Radio, Fan.

Fried Food, X-Cola.

Car Fumes, Jungle Air,

Freedom. Calm Excitement,

Health, Wholeness.

-Ari Fox

Vibrant, shiny, smooth, crowded, colorful.

honking cars, barking dogs, speaking Spanish, food sizzling, laughing.

breeze, heat, water, rough, hot.

papaqueso, tasty, different, juicy, sweet.

content, awestruck, excited, exhilarated, envious.

-Sydney Bobrow

Water,jail,art,bright colors, shop

UNO!, car horns, spanish, dog whine, rain

heat, asphalt, marble, breeze, water,

spicy, meat, vegetables, fruit, icecream

exhilarating, exciting, happy, envy, tierd

-Adam Sawyer

Up so high

About to land

passing through air

By and by

My feet hit the sand

Under water

I open my eyes

Just to look around

Nothing in sight

Coming to the realization

I'm still under water

I kick my feet

Look towards the sky

Head above water

I see some faces


-Taylor Kerlin-Smith

About to land,

Details start to emerge.

A wave, a boat, the shore.

Sand, trees, a house.

The coastline, a town-

Is that a resort?

Is that Cabarete?

The wings bank left,

Looking straight down.

To the forest, the hills, to nothingness.

Fills the imagination,

With hope and dreams and wonder.

Descending, llegar, clapping.

We're here....On earth

--Rick Gordon

About to land,

I look and see the sandy sand.

I tried to take a picture of a boat.

Chris really wants to go to Choate.

When we were outside the airport, it was really hot.

Our driver was really hard to spot.

We sat down and Ari gave us candy.

It tasted really ever so dandy.

I think a guy said, "como esta,"

But all I heard was blah, blah, blah.

I don't know what else to write,

So I will just have a jelly bean.

--Jordan Hom

Los sentidos

monumento traffic tiles palmas

slick hair gallino muffler reggaeton

breeze permiso silk-sheet tired feet

greasy skin handshake paper folding

ajo juicy mango ketchup icy fruit pops

lukewarm water ligera charlaton

group-time sweat


--Anna Kristensen


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