Centro Leon

Published: April 27th 2013
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Hoy visitamos mejor museo en la Republica Dominicana! Fue fantastico y maravilloso! Disfrutamos las fotografias y las pinturas.

Our first adventure with "unknown" taxi drivers, who took us to what is supposedly the best museum in all of the Dominican Republic. A fairly normal Dominican ride, as they go, of about five minutes. We arrived at a glass fronted, manicured, modern looking building. We found out that to our great good fortune, the museum was free because the had just installed a new exhibition the night before. Quickly we split into several groups and proceeded to go in various directions. The museum contained a variety of pictures, from black and white to full color. Many of the paintings were Picasso-esque, while others portrayed a darker quality. One, a kid with his head stuck in a wall and a huge afro surrounding his head, a "subtle" portrayal of racism in the DR. Following this we checked out a gallery of photographs and then on to a exhibition of the Caribbean and all kinds of Latin American authentic cultural artifacts. Very cool. Some of us practiced our espanol by reading different small writings with some help from Rick and Anna. After finishing all the exhibits, we went out for lunch which consisted of 100 peso empanadas and 10 peso fruit popsicles. Then back to the Hub, where Ari and Vangeli chilled for a couple of hours while everyone else went on a journey to get food for dinner and some small gifts. They met a few interesting people, got a tour of an old fort, and waited in line for 20 minutes to pay for the things that they had bought. It's just after dinner now, had a good homemade meal by Rick and Vangeli called pasta carbonara, delicious. Tomorrow we head for Tres Ceibas (el campo) where we will be out of communication for a while. TTFN, hasta luego.


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