Published: August 26th 2010
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Helloooo again,
So, three nights ago I was brushing my teeth, mouth washing, just hanging around in the bathroom swishing, looking around, still getting acquainted with my environment, and I look over and THE HUGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE WAS CRAWLING TOWARDS ME ON THE WALL! I am not exaggerating when I say that thing was the size of a TARANTULA! It wasn't hairy, but my that thing was GIANT. Well, my contacts were still in, I wasn't wearing shoes, and everyone except possibly my host brother but his door was closed and I wasn't about to knock, so I spit that mouthwash out asap and ran OUT of there! I had to run back quick, 😞 to grab my contact stuff and close the mirror, then RUN to my bed where I was paranoid there was a spider now, too! Then, I had drank a LOT of water before bed so TWICE I had to go to the bathroom before I fell asleep and I was just so scared! I didn't shower the next day for fear that giant creature was in there! Blech! I told my host parents in the morning and they chuckled and my dad went to look for it but it was gone. Bienvenida, my mom said it was probably the one she'd seen earlier in the day. Bummer. Then, later the next day, we saw a TARANTULA, but it was dead in the grass, far from where I live! Thank goodness!
Other than THAT, I found out my score on the level assessment and I did very well! I COULD take classes with Dominicans, but, I'd be probably the only American, for one, and two, the classes that exchange students are offered were NOT interesting to me, so that's ok. I hadn't realized though that our classes weren't automatically with Dominicans. I am a little bummed about that. But, I got to be in every class I had hoped to be in
Teaching English as a Second Language, which has like a theory part and an application part
Caribbean Society and Culture
Dominican-Haitian Relations
Baseball and
Contemporary Dominican Literature

I for sure know two other students with whom I will have classes. For baseball, we're a little worried because some of the comments we've gotten for signing up aren't too encouraging: "Well, we'll see if they let you play...it's all boys..."
We've had two city tours, 50 million orientations talking about culture shock and safety blah blah blah! I think my culture shock is going a little backwards, according to what they say. I was a little worried, but another girl told me she was in the same boat, so no worries!
Today, after our second city tour, we went to a pool at the house of one of the host mom's sisters. It rained. The first time it rained is the day we go to the pool, of course. No problems, though. There were green oreos (Shrek). At the pool were some students from the university who volunteer or are payed, not sure, to be support students. I guess that's how they make up for us not having classes with the Dominicans. OH! During the city tour today, we went to the Monument/ El Monumento. It was originally built by a dictator, so for many Dominicans it is not a symbol of good times, but the meaning was officially changed to be a monument to the "Heroes of the Restauration." Our tour guides didn't speak slowly, so I can't say much. I know the important years are 1930, 1944, 1961, and that someone died in 1964, someone important. And he died from a disease that he got from eating fruit off the ground. Don't eat fruit off the ground.
We also visited a place called Centro Leon which I think is like a museum of Dominican history. We saw two rooms: Anthropology and Art. They were both very interesting, and I wish I could tell more about the anthropology room, but it is just hard to follow! 😞 With time... I do know that it covers 5000 years of "history and every day life." I bought a Dominican phone today! It's free for me to get calls from the US...not free for who ever calls me though. But, if you want toooooo...😉

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