Wild side of Dominican republic!

Published: December 26th 2016
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You all know by now that all-inclusive resorts are not what what I like. I prefer to go to wild places, and after one day at the beach I am completely bored! But If I have a comfortable hotel, very close the a nature's park, then this is the best of both worlds! That's exactly what I had during this week!

The resort is located just beside a real nature preserve!!! Send me comments if you need more information.


1- Night walk to look for tarantulas: we saw 15 in less than 40 minutes, not far from the hotel!

2- Guided tour to a cave, (cueva del puente). We were all alone with a park ranger. Cave is full of bats and I took lots of pictures, I identified 2 species.

3- No big reef close to shore, but the long dock in front of the hotel, is a real surprise. Under it, there are thousands of fishes, of around 15-20 different species.

4- Visit of Santo Domingo: especially the old castle of the viceroy.

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