On the trail of Juan Pablo Duarte


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La CompartisionLa Compartision
La Compartision

After the long hike I was struggeling to walk to the sign board and take out this picture. That was my little victory. One foot in front of the other
Shanna and PalomaShanna and Paloma
Shanna and Paloma

You´would believe they spent a lifetime together
Crossing the yaqueCrossing the yaque
Crossing the yaque

Just one of three river crossings
hey there buddyhey there buddy
hey there buddy

me and Duarte
Duarte and CoDuarte and Co
Duarte and Co

At the very top
Pico viewPico view
Pico view

No words necessary.
Pico VistasPico Vistas
Pico Vistas

No words necessary
Pico viewsPico views
Pico views

No words necessary.

22nd May 2007

Definitely had a few laughs on this one..sounds like you guys had quite and adventure...Yes life is short and we must learn to appreciate it in all it's glory and splendor...making the most of every opportunity and enjoying it to the fullest.
22nd May 2007

Carry On Williams
Well Vibes, I am happy to see you are still on the "road". Sorry to hear about Pinto, he looked like a nice chap but you both know that you had the pleasure of meeting him. Well I know you have been to Morne Diablotin but that peak is a good one. Two times the size of Diabolitin is no small climb. JUst giving you the support to keep going and look forward to read the "The Great Adventures of Vibert and Shanna" when it is all over.
22nd May 2007

Waiting on the Novel
This was some good reading. Shanna sorry we never got the chance to meet. So I guess I'll have to beg for your autograph. Vibert I expect a free book. Thanks in Advance. Carpe Diem!
22nd May 2007

Have Fun
Hi Vibert, I'm sure you will have many stories to tell after this. You guys are great! - Pretty sure I don't have to tell you to have fun. Make the most of your travels and all the best.
22nd May 2007

I want to be like you ( when I grow up )
I look forward to your adventures (and pictures) daily. Care yourselves.
22nd May 2007

Feel your pain
Vibes/Shanna; I could feel your pain as I read through this one. At the same time, I could also share in the "painful" excitement. Sounds like great fun. I look forward to more updates!
22nd May 2007

I can see you are living your dreams, your tour seems to be such a great life experience for anyone who has a great appreciation for exploring. Well from experience i know thats what you truly love. Very impressed by all that you have already covered, seems very interesting indeed.
22nd May 2007

Short Life
Hey guys, sorry about Pinto. Just goes to show that life is short and you have to live everyday as it were your last. You go guys...I am living vicariously through you.
22nd May 2007

u go boy!
Peeyeew...that was breathe taking.i could feel steam coming from my ears jus by reading. Boiling lake is pitance compare to Juan Pablo Duarte. u are doin great..... keep fit !
23rd May 2007

Hablan spanish tambien?
Wauw, great guys. I can see that you are having a lot of fun. Keep going my friends. The best wishes for the journey....
24th May 2007

Heights Reached By Great Men & Women
Chief, I have been following with much enthusiasm and with much envy your adventure and expedition. I commend you for the bravery, chivalry (running behind the donkey while Shanna rode), adventurous side, as well as your stick-to-it-iveness in pursuing this goal. Your ascent and arrival at Pico Duarte is a testament to the old addage, the heights attained by great men (and women) were not attained by sudden flight, but they while thier companions slept - kept toiling upwards through the night. Both of you epitomise the latin phrase - "Tentanda Via" (i.e. the way must be tried). As you track on, I send God's blessings on you both and may the Holy Spirit protect you in your adventures. If you need an agent to organise the book deal - let me know...I will do it for free.
26th May 2007

Fantastic!!!! Vibert and Shanna, are you using the 24 hours of the day or actually 48 hours!! Seems like you are not resting but just enjoying and enjoying and filling up the days and nights! Great. When is the first issue of " Travelling with Vibert and Shanna" or "The Adventures with Vibert and Shanna" or "Around teh world with Vibert adn shanna" on the market???? Keep on enjoying life!!! Hopi kumindamentu di nos tur. Y,V and E.

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