Blogs from El Seibo, Dominican Republic, Central America Caribbean


Just today I was looking at a rooster’s feet and thinking how obscenely large and disfigured they were; so obviously a chicken foot has to end up on my dinner plate. Unfortunately, I was sucking its rubbery toes before I realized I was not holding a regular drumstick. I soon found out my doña had given it to me as a treat; she later proceeded to bite the shit out of it. Welcome to El Seibo - a podunk town by American standards, but the capital of a province here, and my new home for the next four weeks. Instead of the one main road lined with Mickey D’s, BK and Walmart, here we’ve got the Domincan staples: the discoteca, a few car washes (which double as bars complete with dance floors), and a couple ... read more
Doña Leonida
Reyi and His Creation
The View out the Front Door

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