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Hello everyone! Another beautiful day in paradise. I never get tired of walking on the beach day or night! So this blog is about Danny's. You will hear me talk about it a lot because I usually go there ever day for my morning espresso and the people working there are friendly! It was one of the first places I hung out in previous years so some of you may have heard me talk about it in the past. As usual it has gone through some changes like a lot of businesses do here in the DR. It is owned by a Polish couple who bought the entire building and made some outstanding changes. The first floor is the same more or less. The kitchen is outside but attached to the main building. First floor is ... read more
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25-27 May 2007 The sun crept up over the mountains and caught us napping. We were onboard the Caribe Tours bus on the three-and-a-half hour ride back from Barahona to SDQ from where we would connect to Boca Chica. A few minutes ago, a suspicious bus driver had demanded to see Vibert's passport thinking, of course, that he was a Haitian. There is a slight undercurrent between Dominicanos and Haitians. Shanna sharply told the driver that it was not necessary and Vibert quickly relinquished his "Haitiano" status. Back in SDQ we wrangled, pretty efficient this time, and lowered the taxi fare from 1000 pesos to 600. The bus didn't do the Boca Chica run and we were too tired to gua-gua. The coast was scenic as we sped past the airport on to what would be ... read more
On the way to Boca Chica
From the mountains to the beach
Toll booth

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