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February 8th 2009
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Today we visited Dominica, this little tiny island is home to about 20,000 people. The island was super laid back, very friendly and had that rastafarian vibe going on. Everywhere we walked around people had Regea music blasting, it was awesome!

We had 2 tours booked today, the frist one was sorkeling at Champagne Reef, so named becuase it sits on the edge of a submerged volcano, where vents of hot water bubble up from below. First we snorkeled around, saw some different coral, a few pretty cool fish, and an old ship wreak from the 1700's. Then we headed over towards the bubbles... it was to beatiful!!! it actually looked like little murcury bubels, really one of the most novel snorkel sites i have ever been to.

After that we walken around town for a bit, just took in the atmosphere, got some lunch. Tourism is pretty new to the island and becuase they don't really have any beaches (all volcanic rock) they focus on eco tourism.

After lunch it was time for tour 2 which took us up to Trafalger Falls. It was a moderate hike up there made simple by the slow pace becuase there were soooo many people on the trail. Once we got up there, it was a viewing platform, but our guide wouldn't let us go down to the pools below becuase we had 2 older people with us, eventually we talked her into letting us go down part of the way just so that we could feel how warm the water is (its all volcanic) I guess that is the downside to getting a tour with the boat, they watch over you every second saying be carefull, watch your step! SO anoying! they are used to guiding 70 year olds I guess, but the up side was that she was very knowledgable and they feel abliged to keep you entertained with facts and stories the whole time. After the falls we drove up to this view point over Roseau and we could see our ship in the distance. It was very pretty.

We went back to the ship after a full day exausted.

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Everyone loves our new President :-)
Overlooking RoseauOverlooking Roseau
Overlooking Roseau

View overlooking the capital of Roseau, you can see our ship in the background.

Poinsetas grow wild here

Full Rainbow as we took the tender back to the ship
Sunset that eveningSunset that evening
Sunset that evening

My favorite time of day on board the ship

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