Dominica Study Abroad - Day 8

Published: August 9th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

After breakfast, the marine group, which I have now officially joined due to time problems with my previous group, left for Champagne Bay. Unfortunately, we had to return because Reagan thought he had forgotten the transect tapes. Dr. Heyman dropped us off and left to run errands. Reagan got data from the Kestrel and the Hydrolab, while the rest of us got started on our first transect. We met back with Dr. Heyman around noon and went into Roseau. We walked around the streets for a while, though everything was crowded because of the cruise ship.
At 2:30 pm, we set off to Scott’s Head Bay since Champagne Bay was covered with tourists. We swam briefly and mainly to familiarize ourselves with the reef. A few of us were stung by jelly fish, myself included, so we left the water quickly. As we were leaving, two local fishermen stopped us to sell us coconuts. One of the fishermen tried to hustle us, but the other agreed to let us borrow his boat so Travis could work on his GIS project.
We finally made our way back, stopping a few times on the way to get laundry and buy a
The narrow road to Scott's HeadThe narrow road to Scott's HeadThe narrow road to Scott's Head

On the left side of the road is the Caribbean Sea and on the right side is the Atlantic Ocean.
few supplies.


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