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February 12th 2008
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After the full day of diving yesterday, followed up work and a late night in the crew bar, I was wiped today. I'd attempted to get a tour to the one site in Dominica I'm interested in still seeing, but that didn't work out. So today became a much needed day of rest where I slept nearly the whole day away.

But I did get up and out to the crew deck to watch my final sail away from Dominica. Jody came up to join me.

It was beautiful. A huge rainbow arched out of the city and across into the mountains. The camera just couldn't quite capture it fully. Watched the sun set over the ocean. The sky lit all different colours. Then after it had set, the scenery looked grey like the moors of Scotland often does. Grey sky over the dark mountains, but then the occasional cloud still bright white.

I looked out to the city of Roseau and remembered the different days I spent there - Christmas day in the cathedral, different days on tour in the rainforest. Such a beautiful island Dominica is. And it was a nice little farewell.

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20th February 2008

Hey Netty.....interesting reading about Dominica. Kelsey's school raises money for less fortunate in Dominica and Elsalvador (which she has been part of). A group from the school leaves for Dominica on Feb 24th...there has been a last minute cancellation and Kels had a chance to go help do some missionary work there but unfortunately it conflicts with her trip to Greece. She was sooo disappointed. I will make sure she reads this blog!!! Lots of love...don't be sad...another adventures awaits you. xoxo

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