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Monday July 23 - Meagan's been having pain in her tooth, and it has been getting worse. She thinks she needs a root canal, and at least wants to get it looked at while here and get it sorted out enough that she can fly home next week. Charlotte arranged for her to go into town to see a dentist today, and I tagged along to get some wifi for a change. Jackie drove us, Kersel and Shelly into town, and our first stop was the rental car shop, where all of our vehicles come from. They must regret ever renting us cars, as the tires are always flat and there are multiple other car problems associated which I'm sure our driving has caused. We stayed there for a while before moving onto the tire shop. ... read more

Saturday July 21 - I got out of bed around 8:30am and headed down to breakfast. Shelly and Ben were there, which was nice to see. I had a huge bowl of porridge, labeled with my name for the first time, but labeled as Jenni, which I hate. I picked up my laundry and then got ready to go into town, a bit later than expected, which in itself, is expected. We were supposed to go to Boiling Lake today, but Rob canceled that so he could go to the doctor, so the new place was to go to town. As we walked to the river, Jackie got a call from Charlotte, and all of a sudden we were not going to town. Only Jackie and Shelly could go. We continued to the river to tell ... read more
Emerald Pool

Monday July 16 - Sleep was crap, as always. Jackie moved into our room last night and I heard her get up this morning. I tried to stay in bed, but it did not last long. In the meantime, Jackie came back and woke up Lisa to ask her if they could take out all her bat equipment and use the car today. After that I did get up. Breakfast was porridge, but someone dropped a watermelon, so that was available to eat as well. I spent the morning talking to Shelly and Ben, and in the late morning I met Gary, the donkey on site. He didn't seem to like me, or he liked me too much. Either way, I think I am done with Gary. But he had stepped in a coconut shell that ... read more
Gary's foot stuck in a coconut
Gary has five limbs?

Tuesday July 10 - I slept ok last night, and woke up at 5:28, two minutes before my alarm. Just like in real life. I finished my packing and sat down to finish my yogurt for breakfast and make use of the wifi, but my computer would not connect. I was so disappointed. I tried a pathetic amount of times, but it never worked. I admit I may have an addiction. At 6:15 I left to walk over to the ferry terminal. It took less than ten minutes, and there was already a line of people waiting to check in. They opened for business at 6:30am and processed us through. I paid my $33 departure tax (it's $13 in USD), got my passport stamped, and headed to security. I had to take everything out of my ... read more
Birthday cheesecake, accidental and one day early
My kitchen chickens
How I want to feel

Sunday June 24 - (continued from Martinique) Charlotte, the woman organizing the biodiversity surveys in Dominica, picked me up at the ferry and we drove back towards the 3 Rivers Ecolodge where we stay. It took an hour to drive there, but we could not drive the entire way. Last year the island was directly in the path of Hurricane Maria and was quite devastated by the storm. You have to cross two rivers to get into the ecolodge, and the bridges are still out, so we had to walk in. Although I knew this, I did not know exactly what it meant until I saw it. I had to cross a river with my two bags holding onto a rope so I wouldn't fall. In the dark. I changed into my shorts and sports sandals, ... read more
Bat fort #1
Bat fort #2
The smaller river I have to cross by foot and what's left of the bridge

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Rosalie February 13th 2012

Our next destination on Dominica was Grand Fond, high in the mountains. Although it only has a population of 1,200, it is the largest village in the area. In bad weather, the only road in gets blocked. After the 2004 earthquake, sixteen landslides closed the road – food had to be helicoptered in! We were staying with the Lesley family and, at the village school, we met Mrs. Lesley, the headmistress. The school teaches 87 children from 3 to 11 years old and was built by Oxfam. We arrived during the last period of the day and were able to have a good look around and chat to the very lively and friendly children. They tried to teach us a new hop-scotch like game … with little success. The school itself was a bland concrete building ... read more
Village school
Play time
How do we play this game?

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Rosalie February 8th 2012

We are living in a bamboo tree house, in the rain forest on the island of Dominica. The house is set alone on a hill, high above the actual lodge. Up in the house we have a bed, a hammock ,a composting toilet and a large balcony. Below, there is a cold shower! Lizards keep us company and an agouti (a long legged guinea pig) lives underneath the house. But the forest comes to life at night. As the sun sets, the quiet of the day is replaced by the sound of raucous insects, frogs and toads. They sings us to sleep – under a mosquito net, in our little tree house in the middle of nowhere. It is a full moon at the moment and we spend the evenings on our balcony watching the fire ... read more
Bamboo tree house
Tea on the balcony

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Rosalie January 31st 2008

They call this a forest but it looks like jungle to me. There is a real Jurassic Park feel to the place. You’ll walk down a track and look up to see a fern 30 feet above your head and vines hanging from trees so high you can’t see the top. Living in the tree house was great fun and an unmissable experience. There were a few other campers in huts and a couple in a tent (yes, a two-man tent in the jungle!), plus a little communal kitchen where we all cooked over a wood fire. Each time we wanted to go somewhere we had to descend the 15 minute trail to base camp before starting out. We swam in a deep pool in the river called the mermaid pool a couple of times. We ... read more
One of our neighbours
Hiking down the trail from the treehouse
The falls at Riviere Cirique

Central America Caribbean » Dominica » Rosalie January 28th 2008

We had to move on to a new island and new accommodation, this was a trip! We left our tasteful chambre d’hote, drove the hire car to the airport, took a courtesy bus to the terminal and caught a taxi to the ferry port in Fort de France - simple. The ferry trip gave us great views of the departing Martinique and approaching Dominica. We disembarked at Roseau and our hire car was waiting. Straight to the supermarket for supplies because this was self-catered, then an hour across the island to Rosalie Forest. After Martinique’s freeways, the pot-holed roads of Dominica really slowed us down, but at least we have a 4 wheel drive this time, a good decision. At Rosalie we met Leon at dusk who guided us the 15 minute uphill jungle trail with ... read more
Tasteful decorations in the Chambre d'Hote
Sugar cane everywhere - it's where the rum comes from
Our new home

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