The Colorfully Wonderful Architecture of Curacao

Published: August 6th 2007
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As a matter of principle, we must feature Curacao. The trip started there, we will pass thru it at least three times before we say 'goodbye' and, not least of all, we lived there for a year or so. Plus, our friends and fans and history would not forgive us. The island is bright and cheerful in most parts. It is the kind of place where people are not afraid to paint their homes and businesses in the brightest combinations of colours.

Curacao is a small Dutch Caribbean island located 40 miles from the west coast of Venezuela. It is a part of the 5-island Netherlands Antilles with the others being St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire. It is 444 km, or just about 141 square miles. Willemstad, its capital, is split in two by the Santa Anna Baai - a deep narrow channel which creates a perfect natural harbour. The 'older' side is called Otrabanda (other side) and it is rife with history and culture. Punda (point) is the commercial, shopping section.

Curacao's natural harbour proved ideal for trading and commerce and soon it began to play a major role in the transshipment of slaves from Africa.
The Punda SkylineThe Punda SkylineThe Punda Skyline

This scene has become famous for its colours and architecture
In 1662, the Dutch West India Company opened a slave trade center in Curacao - a place called Asiento. And with the booming slave trade, the island flourished and impressive structures were constructed.

With a unique blend of Dutch and Spanish colonial styles, the narrow streets of Punda and Otrabanda present a fabulous and colorful lesson in history and architecture. Willemstad has rightly earned its place on the Unesco's World Heritage List.

This blog will be told mostly in pictures (we took during our time there) as we are certain that you will understand and appreciate the history and culture without a need for further narration.


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A place for excellent tapas

31st May 2007

Enjoying the trip vicariously was fun. Vibert I hope you had a good time on your birthday. Looking forward to the next adventure.
31st May 2007

Amazing and beautiful.
1st June 2007

Love Curacao
You know that dad and I love Curacao but we love you more!
1st June 2007

next update
Hey guys, looking back at your track thus far I must say that the one I loved the most was your trip to Boca Chica where the vending starts at dawn... that was the most funny entry in your journal yet. Any way hope you are enjoying your trip, keep us all updated. Shanna eventhough it is "month end" (you know what it can be) I still managed to sneek a peek at the last updates. Take care guys! -G-
1st June 2007

Can't wait
Hey you two, great journey so far, love your pictures and stories. I can't wait for the next blogs. Whats after Aruba?
3rd June 2007

A new reason to check my email
Checking my emails could sometimes be a labourious activity ; until now. I have something to look forward to; your updates. I am glad that you are having fun. Curacao rivals the rainbow. I would never have guessed that the Dutch is such a colourful bunch. Thanks for the continued updates.
6th June 2007

I'm glad you guys are having fun on your non-stop adventure, love all your pics and glad i can share part of the experience with you...well well you guys be careful and we forward to your visit to the GT.
3rd November 2007

So nice!
The colors are tremendously lovely! Love the buildings! The styles of the architecture are fabulous,too!
9th September 2015

Lovely !
I liked the variety of the architecture. Wow ! Thanks and Happy traveling,

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