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Published: August 6th 2007
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Charting the journey

First leg: Curacao -> Santo Domingo -> Cuba -> Curacao for a total of 1781.95 miles

I guess you can say that this is a lemon-to-lemonade type story. We both quit our jobs for similar reasons and faced with the prospect of being unemployed, we decided to do something we had dreamt and spoken about ... a world tour. With the decision made, we jumped into setting the priorities. We decided on the places to visit -> from Cuba to Australia and most everywhere in between. We'll swim in the turquiose waters of Aruba, soak up the majesty of Kaieteur Falls in Guyana and sleep in the lush hinterlands of Surinam, admire the lights of Times Square, New York and segway thru Centennial Park in Atlanta. Maybe catch a game of cricket at Lord's in England and take pictures at the RLD in Amsterdam, take a safari in South Africa and gaze at the wildlife in Botswana before heading to bustling Hong Kong. We'll walk on the Great Wall of China and be amazed by the Taj in India before winging over to places with exotic names like Phuket and Chang Rai in Thailand. A raft down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam will certainly contrast against the opulence of the Sydney Opera house in Australia. And Macau,
Oh no, not THE eyesOh no, not THE eyesOh no, not THE eyes

'Panic' - the vicious mini Pinscher
and Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur and and ...

But before all of that we had things to do. So we started to sell our furniture and car, buying backpacks and comfortable, lightweight hiking boots, clothes, first aid kits and more and then ...


'Panic' is our lovable, totally-loyal and super hyperactive mini Pinscher. He's practically family so much so that he occasionally travels with us and he even has the immigration stamps in his passport to prove it. His big brown eyes filled up with tears when we sold his favorite couch and loaded it on to the truck. It's hard to leave him behind but it's not practical to take him with us. He will stay with an aunt in Aruba. She loves him and he loves her and so they have our blessings.

So anyway, the trip starts on MAY 17 to Santo Domingo and then Cuba and we're just about ready to go. We'll be taking a backpack each fully equipped for at least six months of exploring, fun and adventure. We've had the necessary vaccinations and we're taking some necessities like water purification tablets and anti-diarrhoea medicine.
Home in a bagHome in a bagHome in a bag

Just about everything for 6 months
Since we'll be carrying our stuff we're minimalizing and taking only what's important. It's truly amazing how little we actually need.

So why not join us? Log on often. Email us your comments and suggestions. We'll post pictures galore and stories of the people, places and cultures. We'll show you not only the 'touristy' things but we'll also sample the local cuisine and live the true local lifestyle. You can see this vicariously thru us.

T minus 4 days and counting. We're ready to blast off to adventuresphere. Houston, we don't have a problem!!

Vibert and Shanna


13th May 2007

A pleasant journey!!!
Dear Shanna and Vibert, I wish you both a pleasant, happy and safe journey. I will join you on your world tour surely by reading your travelblog. Hopefully we meet when you visit Amsterdam. Best wishes, edith
13th May 2007

Have fun for all of us.
Hey Vibe and Shanna, You're living my dream so keep me posted. Not all of us have the courage to leave all that's familiar in favour of exploring so I admire (read envy) you. Have a great time but remeber to tell us all about it.
13th May 2007

Enjoy your trip and be carefull.
13th May 2007

Be Blessed
It's great to see you are enjoying this place the way our Creator intended. Have lots of fun, and I will be logging on to follow you on this wonderful adventure. Be safe and God Bless you both. Love Dia.
13th May 2007

hey u young adventurous couple
have a happy and safe travels from the folks here in Guyana, S.A.
13th May 2007

Be safe !!
Hi Shanna Great to hear from you..... What an exciting adventure. If you and Vibert stray from your route and need a place to stay in Ghana...don't hesitate to ask. hugs Nellie, Kenneth ,Thati and Miro
14th May 2007

Be safe and happy.
Hi Shanna and Vibert, how adventurous! Keep us up to date and enjoy yourself. Absolutely great. If you are passing via SXM you know you are welcome. Have a safe trip and we will be checking regularly. Mayra
14th May 2007

You got me thinking!!!
Hi to both of you, really this is awesome, truly a dream vacation indeed. I’ll be living it through this blog. What you are doing is definitely inspiring, so….rock on!!! PEACE. Alain.
14th May 2007

let the journey begin
love what you are doing. your courage will be rewarded. take lots of photos but not so many that you miss out on the experience. When you swing through Times Square let me know. go well.
14th May 2007

greetings from sweden
Hi shanna! great to hear from you!! If you need a place to stay in Cuba, just let me know. My sister lives there and it is mo man tai to stay there! just mail me. Hugs from lilian and brian ( and our daughter isabelle).
14th May 2007

Hail up
You guys are my heros. Pretty soon you'll be having your own following. Watch out for the paparazzi.
14th May 2007

Have fun
14th May 2007

Hey, my Vi, This is Omi, your St. Lucia's friens, and hi to Shanna, Great move, i am excited for you both, go for it, have fun, but remember to ask God to lead the way. i will keep reading
14th May 2007

hej Shanna and Vibert, Nice blog! And I defently going to follow you on the blog! Be carefull and have a very very nice trip ;) Annelie
15th May 2007

Sail On, Success
All the best Vibes. You will still be missed!! You are free to explore anywhere cause you have visited Dominica "Nature Isle" first. May Jesus give guidance and protection to you and shanna. Bless you .. Enjoy. Will be looking for updates.
15th May 2007

All the best
You guys enjoy the entire journey and we will pray that God keeps you both healthy and safe. Enjoy!!!
15th May 2007

Ya! Hoo!
this is like a fairy tale but you guys are actually living it. great gus you go for it, be careful it's not going to be all peachy but the most important thing is that you got each other. so let the fun beging i will be checking in to see the progress you guys are making
15th May 2007

Good Luck!!
I'm excited for for you both, every country that you visit, I'll be there with you looking on. All the best in you adventures and keep sending us pictures and when you are serve strange foods send us those pictures too. Love Tina
15th May 2007

Bless it be.
Hy my sweeties, im am so so happy for you guys. Vibes you where always my angel, inspiring me always. ( you know me and my thinking) thank you 4 being there. I wish you allllllllll the best, i´ll be on this blog. Dont 4-get you guys still have diving spots left here in bonaire to do ( i hope) so i´ll be waiting. Vibes & Shanna you have my blessings. love you, see you real sooooooooooooooooon Pasa dushi, gosa pa ami tambe. sunchi ku brasa pa bosnan .
16th May 2007

Have a wonderful Trip!
Mom and I are proud of both you and Shanna. Enjoy your experiences, you will have something to share with your future family.Love Dad.
17th May 2007

God's speed
Vibe and shanna - all the best in this wonderful life experience; I wish i could do something like that...but keep us inform o the different experiences and wonders of your trip God guidence - ken
18th May 2007

Pleasant travels you two
Enjoy you journey and take the time to really meet the people also. Enjoy the nature this beautifull planet has to offer and be safe always! One day I'll also be embarking on my own world tour. Enjoy it! Kiss kiss. Arthur
21st May 2007

Hoi lieve Shanna en Vibert! Ik zag net een link naar jullie travelblog!! Wat ontzettend leuk..! Heb jou zowieso al heel lang niet meer gezien en vind het ontzettend leuk om jullie avonturen zo te kunnen volgen. Geniet van de reis en ik volg jullie ... Dikke kus Nur, amsterdam
22nd May 2007

I lovelly Shanna!!!! Enjoy your journey. See you when you get here...!!!!! A lots of kiss. Luv. Ludimila
18th June 2007

Wonderful!!! Have Fun
You two are crazy, but wow!!! When I grow up I want to be just like Have a great time.
3rd July 2007

NYC and South Africa!
Hi Shanna!! Alles goed? Wat gaaf zeg zo'n wereldreis, klinkt echt super! Zeg ik vroeg me af wanneer jullie ongeveer in NYC zullen zijn? Ik ga daar namelijk binnenkort wonen (ben er net 2 maanden geweest) en zou het gaaf vinden om jullie te zien! Over Zuid-Afrika kan ik je ook genoeg vertellen dus laat maar weten waar jullie daar heen gaan (Johannesburg of Kaapstad) en ik zal je wat tips sturen!!!! Groetjes, Carla!!!
28th August 2008

Hello.This is the first time to come to this blog. You have been to a lot of cities. haha.I am so lazy that I just want to stay at home. Hope to see you again and again .a ha
23rd May 2012
Cling for life in a volcano in Hawaii

Feel sorry
I feel soooo sorry for them and just setting their like that
14th May 2013
Cling for life in a volcano in Hawaii


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