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October 16th 2013
Published: October 16th 2013
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Cuba they call the struggle for women rights "Revolution within the Revolution". They call it this because the social system and economic conditions were transformed. Before 1959, Cuban's didn't talk about facing Cuba women as dismal. Women worked as personal servants for the rich and some were forced into prostitution to survive and feed their families. The women were not allowed to have abortion. The lack of medical care meant that some babies were not born in a hospital and a lot of the babies died at a early age.

Women do have equal rights in Cuba. The women in this country face is that they had to do prostitution if unemployed. There is 66.4 percent of the women were highly educated.They made a organization called FCM it had over 3.8 million members and 86% was women. The FCM achieve there goal to have maternity leave and it was also for the fathers. The FCM helped the women earn the right to have equal rights as everybody else.



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