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February 3rd 2019
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Day 14. Havana City

Another glorious day and how better than to visit Old Havana, and what better way to get there than travelling in a 1955 Chevrolet convertible. Five of us stepped in, three in the back and two in the front of this rather good example of Americana with a Hyundai Diesel engine at 25 CUC’s for the 15km journey. How these have survived the 64 years I will never know, although they are a all a bit of a hybrid?
Once in Havana we strolled up and down the streets looking at all the great buildings, many restored and many in sad states of decay. Starting in Cathedral Square we went in the Cathedral only to find Oscar repenting his sins in the Confessional Box repeating Hail Mary’s. I must say the building is just superb and not over ostentatious as some are. Moving on it was time to look up onto the balconies to inspect the variety and thoroughness of the washing, with many locals waving to us. There were beggars on the streets and I offloaded some toothpaste and soap, not that I was hinting of course. I took some nice photographs of three lively children playing and gave them some Haribo’s, much to their delight. A rather generously proportioned 10 year old girl soon cane wanting some and I had none left so I instructed the boy to give her only one. Many bands were playing in restaurants and one in particular was very good with a couple doing the Salsa to many spectators who were giving generous tips to them. The whole atmosphere was very lively and very Cuban. There were loads of shops selling tourist items and we bought a few bits to take back home to unsuspecting relatives and friends. I did like much of the art on display, which was very vibrant and made you smile. Eventually the heat got to us and we found another 55 convertible and paid our 25 CUC’s and flew back along the promenade to the Memories Miramar hotel. Going back to the Sheraton to retrieve my lost toilet bag was a waste of time. Mind you, if I spoke more than two words of Spanish I may have had more success.

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