Heavenly Havana, a city lost in time.

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January 5th 2013
Published: January 17th 2013
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What’s new in Havana? Not much actually. Imagine taking a trip back in time….where the time on a clock actually is not a major factor, but living life to its fullest takes on an importance all its own. You look at the buildings and the vehicles on the streets and come to the conclusion that time has almost stood still…and for the most part it has. Welcome to Havana, Cuba. When you get o... Read Full Entry

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The New HavanaThe New Havana
The New Havana

Which of course really isn't that new.
Cristal BeerCristal Beer
Cristal Beer

Cuban beer
The Nut Cracker BalletThe Nut Cracker Ballet
The Nut Cracker Ballet

Cuban National Theatre
Years of practiceYears of practice
Years of practice

Cuban National Ballet
Exploring CubaExploring Cuba
Exploring Cuba

Who took my Mojito?
A night at the theatreA night at the theatre
A night at the theatre

Getting some culture.
Smooth-swinging starSmooth-swinging star
Smooth-swinging star

Good form and good result as this was a hit!
Family fun at the ballparkFamily fun at the ballpark
Family fun at the ballpark

There were many children having a great time at the old ball game.

17th January 2013

Well done
I'm gathering you were not disappointed
17th January 2013

Indeed we loved Cuba
More blogs to come! Thanks for all of your suggestions and information.
17th January 2013

Was really waiting for the American point of view (those of course that remember all the hoopla) I'm so glad you got to enjoy the baseball game and see a tropicana show - I saw a cheaper sleasier version in Santiago de Cuba but was told same same. Isn't it just a photographers dream? You got so many great pictures. I so want to go back now!
17th January 2013

A photographers dream
Yes there was so much to see, to do and to photograph! What lovely and vibrant people. We had a great time.
17th January 2013

Muchas gracias!
Great writing and even better pictures. I'm anxious to hear how the remainder of your trip through Cuba went.
17th January 2013

Hello Lee,
Loved the trip. I will give you a call soon. Thanks for everything.
17th January 2013
Exploring Cuba

A Hollywood-ish Pose!
Hey, Dave.... You look like the Director just barked "CUT!" but you're ready for the next scene. Lol.
18th January 2013
Exploring Cuba

A Hollywood-ish pose.
If only I could get them to do what I wanted them to do. Such is the life of a director.
17th January 2013

Hey MJ, where's the food photos?
Havana. You sound like you had a wonderful time. And those cars! I'd like to hail a cab there and get on those. Nice blog. But where are the food photos? You know I'm always watching out for those. [:)]
18th January 2013

I'm glad you asked about the food photos
The photos will be in our next Cuba blog. More to come. The food was not as good as I would have liked it to be-- it was not consistent.
18th January 2013

Dancing to the Cuban rhythm in your blog and great pics. Glad to see you extending the hand of friendship to the Cubans. Does the USA trade with Cuba? I was told recently the USA still applies trade embargoes against Cuba. Is that right and if so, why?
18th January 2013

Cuban embargos and other mysteries
Hello Dancing Dave, Our trade embargo is 50 years strong. There are many reasons it continues in my opinion and most of them are political. America has a long memory and important and wealthy Cubans who left and living in America have friends in Congress. We will do another blog where we discuss some of those issues. They had a few American products- an example was a Dell computer. It is an international company so it can trade. They have some American food products which is allowed. The Cuban music fills the air, the swaying hips enjoy the beat and you should go take some amazing photos.
18th January 2013

Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.
18th January 2013

Still traveling, I see!
Great blog and such colorful photos! I\'ve been out of internet range for a long while, but the last I read, you\'d finished your RTW travel and were going to be looking for work. I\'m so thrilled to see that work hasn\'t stopped you from traveling and sending us adventures in exotic places. Keep up the good work!
18th January 2013

Hello Tara,
Jobs were not easy to come by just around the holidays so we ran off to Cuba. Now, we really will go back to work.
18th January 2013

Thank you for this great review of Cuba! So glad you got there and shared!
19th January 2013

Good to hear from you
Cuba is an interesting place to visit. Another Cuba blog coming in a few days.
18th January 2013

Thanks for your wonderful perspective on Cuba...
it hasn't been high on my list due to the politics making travel there difficult. I have enjoyed reading yours and others (Slowfeet) blogs, and my interest increases each time. I saw an add from Traveling Nurses in Colorado Springs...hmmmm.
19th January 2013

Hello Bob & Linda,
I think you would like traveling to Cuba. The politics are complex. This is a country that may go through many changes in the next few years. Changes are afoot.
21st January 2013
A jaguar!

oh I love vintage cars! . lucky for you to have seen all these before 'modernization' change everything.
21st January 2013
A jaguar!

Vintage cars
Cuba is a time warp. We had a great time.
22nd January 2013

You Have Done it Again
It is lovely for us to be reminded of Cuba. We had a great time there travelling with a group of friends exactly 2 years ago. It is an interesting country and one that belies some of the myths that have developed. We loved the lack of reverence for their government on the part of most we met. Made us feel quite at home at the time.
22nd January 2013

Irreverence indeed
Glad you went down memory lane. A good road to travel.

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