SCU: Day 12

Published: August 25th 2007
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I wanted to take a photo of my dead rat on the way to class but it was gone. I guess that's good timing seeing as it's my last day and I don't need its help with directions anymore.

Today's class was another practical. Racquel took Amelia, Nana and I to the Cemetary. It's magnificant and has a changing of the guard of Jose Marti's grave every 30 minutes. It's pretty impressive. A lot of famous Cubans are buried there including Jose Marti, members of the Bacardi family (before the rest of the family pissed off to Puerto Rico after the Revolution) and people who fought in the Revolution. We had a Spanish speaking guide and I was surprised how much I understood. We rode to the Cemetary on a horse carriage. The thing looked and felt like it was about to fall apart but we got there in one piece. I managed to score a ride up front with the driver.

Raquel warned Amelia about her ]boyfriend'. Apparently the Rasta Cubans (as they're known by locals) have a reputation for juggling half a dozen girlfriends and for sponging off them. It appears other Cubans think the Rastas are giving Cuba a bad name. Amelia is over him anyway, he doesn't have any manners when asking for his free alcohol so she's had enough. When he asked me for some rum the other night I told him not until he said "please". He stared at me so I repeated it until he smiled and said "please". Perhaps other Westerners don't tell him to use manners.

After class I said my farewells to the students and to Clara. She gave me her address to send her a postcard. Even though my Spanish isn't very good she said she still wants one from every country I visit.

Before dinner I finally got the chance to help Julia in the kitchen preparing tomales. They're easy to make and make use of the whole corn. I'm happy I got to experience some cooking.

As a special farewell dinner, my host family bought Spanish champagne and made me a cake. Tonight was especially hot, so much so, sweat was dripping off our faces during dinner. Only one more day of this stifling weather.


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