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Published: January 30th 2010
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Today was pretty darn cool! We started out with a walkabout in the garden. We saw many, many, many amazing plants! Vermilliads, succulents, cicas (?), etc. We went into town for a little bit to shop then came back for lunch. Post lunch we did some reading and then went to lectures. One lecture later, we were all slightly more scared of the jungle! After lectures we had dinner (yum!). After dinner we did a talk on risk management, basically reminding us not to do stupid things like jump off of bridges into flood water or get drunk and karate kick each other in the face. Super fun though, we all got to act everything out in little skits. Post lecture we went out with Mau to check out the nightlife in the jungle! Saw some glass frogs, scorpions, spiders, and a cicada shedding its exoskeleton! Now I am back and should get off the comp to go and read!


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haha not really, actually some hemiepiphites
Pondering MothPondering Moth
Pondering Moth

staring out the window
Lookout pointLookout point
Lookout point

lovely sunset
Glass FrogGlass Frog
Glass Frog

such a camera lover

30th January 2010

great photos!
don't you just love all the photos moments with the critters and plants? I didn't think you'd have computer access there - this is cool! thanks for the updates. peace, tall J

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