The Osa Wilderness

Published: December 10th 2006
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Corcovado National Park

Peurto Jiminez to Cocovado National Park, then on to Pavones, then up to Quepos and finally on to Jaco

Little Lizard.Little Lizard.Little Lizard.

Cute little bugger.
We came down to the Osa Pennisual to visit Nastassia's friend Kate (they worked in whistler together) who is teaching English just outside of Peurto Jiminez for a year. We met up with her and made some plans to venture into the wild Corcovado National Park to see some untamed jungle life. With a few tents rented, we caught a collectivo (truck taxi) to the park entrance and hiked 3kms down the beach to a beautiful campsite. From here we did two, one-day hikes; one down the rugged and very beautiful coast, the other into the jungle depths. Nastassia managed to contract a mysterious case of food poisoning on the second day (despite eating everything identical to us) and was quite out of commision. But needless to say we had a great time and saw lots of jungle and wildlife (including monkeys, tapiers, pizotes (jungle racoons) and we even saw a puma which is very rare to see!)

After the hike Ben was getting ancy to be back in the surfing scene so we decied to go check out the surf spot called Pavones. Pavones has one of the largest left breaks in the world when it is working, but when we got there we found that there would be no surf for a couple more days so we moved on up the coast to atempt meet up with Bens friend Erik. Currently we are in Jaco doing some surfing and looking for some boards to buy...

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Campsite 2Campsite 2
Campsite 2

Campsite with jungle backdrop
Crazy HermitsCrazy Hermits
Crazy Hermits

There were THOUSANDS of these crazy guys!

I hope this one was not poisonous!

Nastassia putting on her best gameface despite being ravaged by food poisoning.

These truck taxis can set records! We had 15 people hanging on to this little 1/2 ton toyota pick-up over some VERY rough roads!

10th December 2006

Love the campsite on the beach
Too bad 'bout the upset stomach. Does amodium help? Sure worked for us in China where we were told not to drink the water. Did you learn a little Spanish before you left? Talked with Deci and Ben today and understand you will be settling into a place for Christmas. Good idea! Fun to check-in and get to know the neighbours. Our family will all be home, here in PG, for Christmas. Guess Beth will come on her own since she and her guy have gone separate ways...still friends. I enjoy it so much when we can all visit together. Natassia my wish for you is to stay clear of Monta Zuma's revenge. I know Ben will take care of keeping you safe and in good spirits. Merry Christmas Love yah Uncle bob ps here is a link to our china trip
11th December 2006

Heyyy Max and I were at Jaco. He surfed and I met some teen movie star who was pretty upset that I didn't know who he was or where Hollywood was!!haha. Have you found the fluorescent land crabs yet? We will sure miss you at Christmas.
15th December 2006

Camping is done for a while...
And it came at the right time. We have been having the crazest storms at night. The thunder is bone chilling but super cool cause you are safe and under cover. It can rain really hard at times in the storm too. Our room was so humid last night that it actually was raining a bit in the room! Can´t wait to check out your china trip. Hi to all the dewy´s!
25th December 2006

glad you guys made it out of corcovado alive! i spent a week or so in corcovado and the fer de lance's there can be pretty scary (i'm sure you guys heard about those)! domincal has some great surf too and a more mellow atmosphere than jaco so check it out if you have time!

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