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Published: October 4th 2008
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Tranquilo MagicTranquilo MagicTranquilo Magic

This place is the bomb. I highly recommend staying here if you arrive in SJ.
They say it takes about a week before you break out of your comfort zone and really get into your trip and they are right. I have to say I have not stayed at a funkier hostel then the Tranquilo backpackers hostel. This place is probably the best hostel I had ever stayed at. The vibe is just off the charts.

I arrived from Caribe bus station and made my way here. The hostel use to be an old mansion but now they are all little dorm rooms. This place is like spring break meets bob marley meets jack johnson. It{s just so chill and the people here are so interesting.

I met Keenen and Rob both from Winnipeg and we played Uno downstairs in one of the chill room and the two bottles of rum which we had soon became empty when Kathi with a double dot on the i from Germany joined us. Kathi was quite interesting because she had travelled for 3 months and heading back to Germany but then she is going to drive a bus with a bed all over europe. That{s right a bus, not a van but a 5 ton bus. She
typical dorm roomstypical dorm roomstypical dorm rooms

In the room there were 3 canadian boys including me and 1 Germany girl. The Germany girl Kathi asked if any of us snored and everyone said no. We ended up all snoring
reminded me of Maria that I met back in Cahuita who is 65 and she is back packing it. There is nothing better then travellling and meeting interesting people because they really rub off on you.

The Uno game then became an all our jam fest. Joining us was Peter from Montreal and a couple other travelling musicians and we played and jammed songs from marley to jack johnson and took turns singing the blues.

It was one of those nights with no expectations and the 8 of us from all parts of the world shared oen magic night. The swetish girl whom I forgot her name wanted to hit the night salsa dancing but that 7am bus ride would not be fun if i got hammered.

Joe is arriving in Mal Pais so I will make my way west. I think I will definately come back here if i get a chance.

Well tomorrow will be a long ride but I would recommend anyone to hit the dorms. It is an entirely different experience then renting private rooms.


31st October 2008

Come Jam In David Panama
I love the part about you all jamming together, at our hostel in david we play all the time, the owner knows a million songs like clash, mano chau, morrisey/morrison/zeppelin..they also play all kinds of ska...come visit us sometime www.bambuhostel.com new international backpackers hostel with a deluxe pool and garden!
11th December 2009

Thank you for this. My boyfriend and I are heading to CR for Christmas and this place was recommended to me by a friend. After reading this blog, I fully intend on staying here. THANKS!

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