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Published: October 3rd 2008
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So I finally met up with Marianne and John and out of no where a full on marching band was in formation on the intersection. I guess it must of been some sort of school organized event because there were 20 to 30 something kids and a conductor leading them down the street.

It was pretty fun watching the little kids dance to the local music. Soon after we went over to the bus station and paid the driver $8 for a 6 hour trip to San Jose.

The bus ride was uneventful except when we got stopped by the policia and they were searching through bags and checking passports.

We all go out of the bus and waited to be search and it hit me I was carrying a bottle of rum. I wasn't sure if that was illegal to carry that around but some how I didn't get checked and they let me on the bus. Must be the good rum karma gods.

The rest of the trip was half daze sleep until we arrived in San Jose - Caribe bus station. It was pouring and the challenge was trying to jockey for position to get your bag because there is a swarm of people including taxi touts and travellors all trying to desparate grab their bag.

Once the mess was all sorted out I said my good byes to my 2 new friends and negotiated a cab to a hostel called Tranquilo hostel which is pretty good.

The taxi ride cost $2 and always neg. that first before going in. At Tranquil they have dorm and single rooms. I tried my spanish to get a single room but the lady look puzzled so i switched over to spanglish and sign language and magic tricks and finally got a room.

I guess reading that travel spanish book on the way over to SJ did not help.

The bunk beds are pretty high up. This place has a very chill out vibe and everyone is pretty cool.

You'll find a lot of travellers in transit here.

It is still pouring rain so I am trying to figure out what to do for food. Tomorrow the plan is to wake up at 6am and catch the 7am bus to Puntarenas.


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