Still Alive

Published: November 16th 2006
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K folks jsut to let u know I"m still alive and well. Enjoying the relaxed prices (at least compared to where I've beem) and am enjoying tons of fresh fruit and dirt cheap fish (not to mention beer). So yeah things are alright. I hit up some canyoning yesterday which was a blast. Maybe not as hardcore as Switzerland but some serous repells. One was like 150 feet from a suspension bridge. It kicked ass. Not too shabby, and the fact that the waterfall went through a hardcore rainforest was amazing. Absoluely loved it. SO heading out to a horse farm tomorrow to relax and meet some people. Hopefully learn a little more spanish. Telling girls they look good won;t get me that far. LOL. Maybe once I gt back I'll attempt to laod some picks. No point here cuz ur lucky if the page u want loads. But everyone stay cool (shouldn't be hard).




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